Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekending sunset

Saturday I had to drive into San Diego to take a test for my work. I passed it thankfully, and thought Since i was in the area i would finish the day in La Jolla and visit the Scripps Pier.  It was a beautiful sunset and a wonderful way to end my day before heading back home. Speaking of home it's been freezing. Our night temps for a few days now have been barely 20 degrees. Later this week we should be back to normal at a balmy 30 haha.

This photo has me dreaming of a warm summers eve.


  1. Gorgeous! I would have stopped and taken the time to see that view also.

    1. Thanks Kar, I'm glad i took the time. It was cold but really beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous photo! The color of the sunset is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing! And congrats on passing your test! :)