Monday, February 27, 2012

last weekend,

heading out
Chance and I went out on our first trail ride.

us girls
We went out with our barn buddies, swung by the house where the Music Man snapped this photo and

first trail ride
rode through the vineyards.

Since this was our first long ride I wasn't sure how it would go but i was excited to get out and see. Oh my gosh i had such a great time and Chance did SO good! I am already looking forward to next weekend when we can go out again.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thankful Friday

fuzzy ears

What a wonderful week it was, i have so much to be thankful for. This week i am incredibly thankful for ~

these fuzzy sweet ears and the animal underneath them

summer like weather we have here in February

Gods Grace

watching Monkey work with Chance, ride and exercise him with such love and kindness and see the respect from him towards her grow stronger everyday

that the girls are now without the heat lamp and are putting themselves to bed at night on there own

kisses from my brown dog

my growing garden, winter veggies are in, yum

that my family is healthy again, flu be gone

conversations with J bug, miss him but so thankful we talk on the phone so often

that's today is Friday

Monday, February 20, 2012

late nights, not so much

I used to say i was a day person you know, not so much an early riser or stay up late into the night kind of girl, daytime was my time. The time when i was most productive and in my groove.

Over the last few weeks I've learned that I have definitely become a morning person. Sun comes up, hot coffee in my cup and I'm outside busting a move, feeding, cleaning and organizing my day is now all done earlier than when i used to get up.

I've also learned that you can't be both, it's a late night if i can keep my eyes open after 10:00. I'm really enjoying my mornings though, the quiet, waiting for the sun to warm the air and the balloons that fly right over our house just as i finish feeding everyone their breakfast. Oh my gosh, I'm super loving it!

This last weekend was nice and quiet. I spent time in the garden planting potatoes, onions and some more spinach. I found some transplants and am hoping i can get some spinach this time since we have improved our rabbit barrier, went on a nice ride with Chance, watched Forks Over Knives the movie and even knitted a few rounds on my fingerless mittens.


How about you? Are you a morning or night time kind of person?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The girls, an update

They are now six and seven weeks old and are doing really well. The weather is pretty cold here so they are still under a heat lamp at night and a couple times I've had to leave it on during the day as well. I'm hoping after the cold front passes by us this week I'll be able to ween them off the light.

Goldie is the youngest and is still getting her feathers, although none of them can get chilled. Once they are all feathered in cold weather won't be a factor as they can handle freezing temps until then though, i have to be a good "mother hen" and keep them warm. The music man has been calling me that since i have been known to go out in the middle of the night and check on them.

the girls

snack time

goldie girl


The other day a stink bug made it's way into their coop. It was hilarious to see them try to figure out what the heck it was. After they ran away, ran circles around it, Betty was the first to peck at it, then it was on... They all began pecking and within a couple minutes it was g o n e. They also enjoyed yogurt for the first time this week and loved it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

The music man had a big show up north Saturday night but monkey and i stayed home in anticipation for our upcoming adventure. After church Sunday we played hookie from the usual hub bub but not before making sure everyone furry and feathered were okay and went with some friends to a winery up in the mountains of San Diego County. The weather was cold and gray

a cold monkey girl

music man

what a view!
but the views were amazing. I could definitely spend a summer afternoon relaxing in one of these chairs, no problem.

snack time
We enjoyed some snacks, my favorite was goat cheese with fig, holy moley was it delicious!

Of course we enjoyed some wine too.

Meet George our friends doggie, isn't he super cute! What a wise puppy he is...

Reminding us that it's good to stop and smell the flowers sometimes.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's only Wednesday and this week has been a busy one for Chance. Monday he had his appointment with the vet and I'm happy to report he passed his check up with flying colors. The only sort of surprise we had was how old he actually is. I was told he was around 10 years of age but after examining his teeth he appears to be more like 17. In this case 17 or 10 is all good, for his breed is hardy, he's healthy and on average Mustangs live into their 30's. So he's only middle age, just like me ha!

Tuesday he had his feet done and

say cheese
today he had his teeth done and now has a much happier mouth.

love this nose!
He's become quite the pocket horse too and i love it, look at this sweet nose ~ kiss kiss.

Monkey and her buddy even gave him a new hairdo for a few minutes anyways,

monkey and chance
and after all this Monkey got to ride him for the first time and then

it was my turn. I rode him around in his halter, seriously he is awesome and so fun.

We have horse on the brain around here these days it's true, but I'll be back soon with an update on the girls. They are growing so fast and doing really great too!

Happy Wednesday

Monday, February 6, 2012

today and everyday


In God's eyes we're perfect and worthy. It doesn't matter if we're tall, short, big or small. We all have talents and personalities that make us... us.

February, a month chalked full of love cliche's and Valentines day, so fun! I've hung up my heart garlands too. I'm thankful for this picture and the reminder it gives in that what matters most today and everyday is simply to be our own kind of beautiful.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

hers and mine

hers and mine

We are two peas in a pod that girl of mine and me. Not only does she look exactly like me but we have so much in common, even as she grows into an amazing young woman. We like the same music, we share our love of animals, taking pictures, being quiet at home and our boots. I am so thankful for her and very much enjoying our time we share at the barn these days.