Saturday, October 29, 2011

the lake

Last weekend we made a quick trip to the lake to check on our place. I was looking forward to some quiet time and sitting on the porch, knitting and watching the world go by for a bit. I packed up my knitting and we hit the road.
Jackson Browndog
We arrived to some hot weather, temps were in the high 90's. So i left my knitting in the bag and went with the dogs to the water instead.
Of course the music man and i took a cooler with a couple beers and re enacted the Corona commercial.
We drove out to a remote cove where the weather and many years eroded the side of the hill, check out how the roots of this bush are not even in the soil.
Driving back in we saw this little guy standing at the side of the road. This area of the lake has wild donkey's and depending on the time of year we often see them out and about.

While no progress was made on my knitting we enjoyed the warm weather and slowness that a hot day brings.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

a slice of real life

This week was ugly. Work has been overwhelming and stressful, laundry is backed up, bills that need to be paid, and my Jeep is still not running. Ugly.

I was all ready to throw myself a pity party when i remembered to stop, breath and look at my life's blessings instead of problems, like my work. I have a job crazy or not when so many others don't. Backed up laundry and bills to pay means a house full of people i love. I don't know about you but sometimes when life gets a bit crazy i find its easy for negativity to turn little things into mountains. If i just stop and flip the problem into what it really is i feel so much better.

So after my pep talk i moved on with the week by casting on for new scarf, completed more testing for work, spent time catching up with my Bug, playing in the dirt and looking forward to the weekend.

say awwww
Here's Monkey with proof blue raspberry slurpees and being silly are oh SO good!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Falling for Fall

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad. ~Edwin Way Teale

falling for you

This week I spent some extra time with my camera in hopes of capturing a little bit of this beautiful seasons offerings.
I visited a local farm and pumpkin patch.
herb garden
Look at these beautiful herbs, i love the little chalkboard signs but i really love where these herbs are growing...

So fun right, love the creativity of this!

rust or bust #42 historical #81 strories
I found some rust and a piece of American history to. If only this truck could talk i bet it would have some great stories to tell. I wonder where these wheels have been.

This week I've casted on for another pair of fingerless mitts, booked airfare for an amazing Fall trip and celebrated Miss Monkey, who turned another year older.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a quick get away

Last weekend we snuck out with family for a weekend camping trip to the beach. Just in time time too, the weather was gorgeous. We had such a good time with everyone, even our Bug made it down.
sunrise at the bay
I was up early and caught the sunrise, something i rarely witness. I love the light and reflection on the water in this shot. It was so peaceful and quiet with only the lapping sound of the water and an occasional duck honking.
aqua bikes!
We didn't do this but...
we did do this
paddle boarding
and this. Here's bug taking his cousin for a cruise. My sister and i tried paddle boarding and it was a blast. A whole body work out for sure but really fun too.
We enjoyed good company and this beautiful sunset
and finished our day with a campfire, smores and a sing along. My family and i have a thing for Jim Croce, every time we get together we dance, sign and turn up his songs loud. As long as i can remember we've done this and now our kids are taking part, so fun.

We're home now and are experiencing fall like weather. Cool days with a passing shower or two for the rest of the week and I am loving it! I made Pasta Fagioli with Ciabatta last night and have a 10 bean veggie soup on the stove for tonight. My knitting needles are calling and i might even break out a sweater later tonight. Oh how i love this time of year!

Happy Tuesday, i hope you're having some fall weather in your neck of the woods too.