Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jackson Brown Dog...

We laid Jackson Brown Dog to rest yesterday. I want to thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts this week, I appreciate and feel them. Thank you.
Our final selfie, taken early last week. 
The love and Joy I have for this dog is great. He was my best friend, my shadow for 13 years and the namesake of this blog.   I am a mess... Heartbroken.   Knowing he is crossing Rainbow's Bridge, frolicking pain free and will now be keeping the high watch over our family, will bring me peace.

I am incredibly thankful for my time with Jack and am thankful for donkey kisses, horse hugs, snuggles with Duke and new baby chicks that will help fill the hole that currently resides in my chest...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday's Sunset

We had monsoonal storms pass by the ranch both afternoons this weekend which were filled with thunder but sadly only a couple rain drops made it to the ground.  The dramatic skies did make for some gorgeous sunsets though and sitting down to soak them in created a few much needed moments of peace and quiet that has been allusive for us over the last few days. 

A Brown Dog update ~
Jack's new med's seem to be taking the edge off but he is not improving like we hoped for and is having intermittent spells of paralysis that are affecting is whole body, not just his hind end. Thank you everyone for your prayers my family and I appreciate them so much.  Please continue to keep us in your thoughts this week.... We'll need them.   Thank you.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Brown Dog

My guy is not feeling well at all. In the last three days he has fallen three times and this last one was a doozie and seems to have really affected him.  His Cushings disease has taken almost all of his "back end" muscles in the last couple of months and he now losing the ability to get himself up and moving around on his own.  After a really long night on the floor with him we're heading off to the vet shortly.  Please keep us in your thoughts today.


We just got home and Jack is resting quietly.  Sadly though, the news is not good. It seems the Cushings has affected the nerves in his hind end and their signals are just not working very good. We have now added pain medicine to the others he takes in hopes they will take the pain away and enable to him move around easier.  We'll know in the next couple days if this will work.

It's so hard to see our animals age, I wish they could live forever... Though it's excruciating we must do whats best for them and we'll have some clear answers soon. Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate them so much.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Impromptu Break

I hadn't planned on being gone for so long and have missed you guys. Oh how I enjoy visiting with you while enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I look forward to it but lately just getting through my chores and "to do" list seems to take up all my time. It's hot, my plate is full and when I can sit down to share with you guys I'm beat.  No complaints, life is amazing.  I guess I'm just saying that I've missed you!

Soooo what the heck is happening over here?
Both Jack and I had birthday's
                 and I got to sneak off and spend some time with my parents and Justin (my bug) up north. We had a great and fun birthday celebration. 
I've been working a little and riding a lot.
We've been shopping for some land so we can build our own home.  If all goes well... this will be my new view. Rad right and check out the beautiful usable acreage!

We moved into the ranch last summer with hopes of being able to purchase it. Although, soon after moving in it was apparent we wouldn't be able to buy here. That's okay. I live my life with the belief that everything happens for a reason and sometimes my timing isn't God's timing. We've been looking for our perfect place since. A place to build our ranch, put down deep roots and hooray after missing out on a few properties we recently found not one but two in our area that we love so much.  We'll find out soon if we are meant to be in either one.
In the meantime, I'm up early busting out moves before it gets to hot and enjoying sunrises like this one.  I'm looking forward to hot coffee and catching up, see you in the morning.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

These Lazy Days...

These hot and lazy days of summer have been kicking my butt as of late.  Lucky for me the coast is just a couple hours away. So I've thrown on my flip flops and hit the road a few times in the last couple of weeks. Feeling thankful for the cool salty breeze as it hits my fried and dried out skin. Having some work out there as well... Well, that's just icing on the happy cake of life.

How is your summer going? 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Walk, Music And Faith...

The world seems extra rough these days doesn't it and I was feeling a bit weighted this morning as my heart breaks for so many.  With worship music blasting in my ears and my fantastic tennies on my feet I finished my chores and took Ms Punkin Pie for a walk.
By the time we got back I felt so much better. After giving her and Chancie their messages I felt even better, great in fact.  (Luna's next)
Animals are amazing! I know I rescued them BUT always feel that they really save us.
Though life is nuts sometimes that's okay, I don't have to know or understand everything. I already know that I'm part of a much bigger picture. I just need to stay in the light and love of God for He is good.