Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Impromptu Break

I hadn't planned on being gone for so long and have missed you guys. Oh how I enjoy visiting with you while enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I look forward to it but lately just getting through my chores and "to do" list seems to take up all my time. It's hot, my plate is full and when I can sit down to share with you guys I'm beat.  No complaints, life is amazing.  I guess I'm just saying that I've missed you!

Soooo what the heck is happening over here?
Both Jack and I had birthday's
                 and I got to sneak off and spend some time with my parents and Justin (my bug) up north. We had a great and fun birthday celebration. 
I've been working a little and riding a lot.
We've been shopping for some land so we can build our own home.  If all goes well... this will be my new view. Rad right and check out the beautiful usable acreage!

We moved into the ranch last summer with hopes of being able to purchase it. Although, soon after moving in it was apparent we wouldn't be able to buy here. That's okay. I live my life with the belief that everything happens for a reason and sometimes my timing isn't God's timing. We've been looking for our perfect place since. A place to build our ranch, put down deep roots and hooray after missing out on a few properties we recently found not one but two in our area that we love so much.  We'll find out soon if we are meant to be in either one.
In the meantime, I'm up early busting out moves before it gets to hot and enjoying sunrises like this one.  I'm looking forward to hot coffee and catching up, see you in the morning.



  1. cute family pics! yay for land shopping! i hope the right fit and right timing occurs!

  2. Oh it's good to see you again! Glad you spent quali time with your family. And great to see your world from horseback. I'm sure the right property will come up for your ranch. Greetings. Jo

  3. We've missed you too!! Does this mean you're back? :)

  4. Crossing fingers on the land purchase. Hope all goes as you want. Happy Belated Birthday!!! So many exciting things going on for you. :)

  5. Happy birthday! That sunrise is spectacular. Good to see you posting again. :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Jen!

    We start our days the same, coffee and blog reading! Coffee is a must and reading blogs is like gathering with friends.

    Good Luck with the land purchase. I hope riding helps you think and clear your mind. Looks like you have some good partners to ride/walk with.

    What a stunning sunrise picture. Wow!

  7. We missed you! Happy Birthday! Good luck with the real estate search! Glad you're back :-)