Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Hump Day ...

We're already back here, half way through another work week and things are moving right along.
So far ~

The music man received word he has a huge opportunity to move upward in his job. This is super exciting for us and brings many possibilities, all of which are so very good.

My knitting needles are working steady every night and my blanket is growing in size.

Both my tomato and zucchini seeds are sprouting and I am starting to harden off some of my cucumbers,  looking to transplant some next week.

My hot peppers are now dried and ready to for grinding.

I have been saving my egg shells for a couple weeks as well. They are drying out nicely and will be crushed and ready for planting with my tomato transplants when they're ready.

Life is SO good and I am incredibly thankful.

Have you seen this video yet? 

It's all over u tube and fb and is hilarious!

Happy hump day from hood to yours I hope you have a great day!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Weekend...

Started off with some first aid, chicken style.

Friday morning when I let the girls out, Betty walked out of the coop with her comb bleeding and Dixie right behind her with a blood soaked beak.  Dixie is my Americauna and she is no doubt the flocks bully.
Dixie is now friends with Pinless Peepers. I've actually tried them on her before but they didn't stay on. The idea is to obscure her downward vision making it harder to peck at her sisters but doesn't hurt or interfere with her daily life otherwise. Determined to calm things down I tried again and BAM... it worked.  These babies are awesome!
  The flock is calmer now and Betty is on the road to healing peck free.
This weekend there was a short trail ride with Monkey. Thank you J for letting her ride Z. He was a perfect gentleman.

Did you know that Friday was national margarita day? I didn't.

Monkey and I found out when we visited old town San Diego. This was another new place for us and really neat. We had a late lunch at the Coyote Cafe,  this restaurant was featured on Food Network for their fried ice cream.
    We didn't like it at all....only kidding, it was amazing and we inhaled it! 
Of course because it was Nat'l Margi day I had a pomegranate one and Monkey a strawberry without alcohol. I hope to go back with the music man one day, there was so much more to do but we had to move on...

I was hoping to get to the waters edge before sunset.
I had heard about this boat and wanted to grab a shot of it. Built in 1863 the Star of India is part of the Maritime Museum.

The music man had a couple shows, I went to one last night and didn't get home until wayyy past my bedtime. I'm tired and moving a bit slow today, this girl needs sleep. Seriously, I cannot function without it.

There was also time spent with dear friends, time in the garden and now some much needed quiet time with knitting needles in hand and the music man and Jackson Brown Dog by my side.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 22, 2013

So far...

This week the fireplace has been working over time, no question it's still winter around here.
The girls don't seem to mind and are each laying an egg a day. They have been enjoying their warm porridge in the mornings too. The porridge is simply their layer crumbles in hot water. They love it and inhale it like they've never eaten before... Silly girls.
I'm making progress on my blanket as well. It's warm sitting on my lap and of course there are snuggles from Jack who is always by my side.  I've been enjoying the sounds of my needles clicking together in the evenings a bit more than usual as the music man's been out of town this week. The clicking has a nice relaxing rhythm in between the quiet which is music to my ears.

And just in case you thought it was all dreamy over here....
Here's a short video of Jack and Chance at the barn. I talk to much and apologize for the animal baby voice I can't help but's hilarious! We are living our dreams poop and all.

Monkey and I are heading out for a day adventure together before the music man comes home tonight.

Have a great weekend friends!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cake Pop's !!!

A few weeks ago during the American Idol season kick off Monkey and her buddy had a little TV party. Way back in the beginning of this show we were all dedicated viewers, we all had our favorites but over the years we've all faded away form it except for the crazy beginnings of a new season.

Our barn buddy who came over that night brought us cake pops. Have you had these?

Oh My Gosh....

This was the first time I had them and holy macaroni were they amazing! Life changing amazing.

It's been a few weeks already and I can't seem to stop thinking about them.  (((Cake Pops))) as if they are calling out to me to make some. So I asked our buddy for her recipe and she thankfully and happily shared it with us and now I'm sharing with you.

The recipe is super easy and you already know most of it.
Bake up your cake using your favorite recipe. Once cooled roll it into bite size balls with a small amount of frosting to help hold it together.  Or pick up a cake pop pan thing that bakes the batter into balls for you this way you don't need any frosting. (that's what I did)
Dip the cooled cake balls into melted candy dip
sit the dunked pop on a rack to harden

Monday, February 18, 2013

Our weekend in photos...

1. Morning walks around our hood
2. Time at the barn
3. Fresh eggs, I love my girls!
4. Snuggles with a brown nose
5. My cucumber seedlings are sprouting and doing really well. I am excited and looking forward to making pickles this year.

This weekend I also spent time in the garden, weeding and starting my tomato and zucchini seeds. There was a bit of work done and time with friends as well. The weather was warmer than it's been so I spent as much time as possible soaking in the sunshine before the rain and cold returns tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Week Ending...

Another work week for me is just a few hours from being done. 

Time for the weekend and new adventures.  

The weather man promises gorgeous weather. This will be the first weekend in a while with no rain so I plan being outside a lot. 

Happy weekend to you, may yours be filled with adventure and things that make you smile BIG.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I knitted up these babies last weekend using some left over yarn and love them!

Speaking of love...

February the month known for LOVE has me thinking again. Thinking about all the things I love which brought me back to my list from last year. Here it is again in no particular order.

brown dog kisses
my family
second chances
God's love
cloth napkins 
Loretta Lynn
black beans
the music man
flip flops
J bug
caprese salad
my home
laughter, the kind that leaves you with a belly ache
fresh pasta
fresh eggs
monkey girl
working from home
my parents
sun soaked skin
early mornings outside
George Strait
The God Father Trilogy
my sister
my mother in law
time with friends
the music mans voice
Adele's voice
singing birds
my nieces
growing garden's
my nephew
my camera
a nice walk
new adventures
God's Grace
a cold beer on a hot day
a good glass of wine
cloth bulk bags
my husbands hands
dark chocolate
my boots
a good book
days at the beach
lady bugs
my life
Jim Croce
wool socks
bike rides 

What are some of the things you love these days?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our weekend in photos

It was cold and rainy again for most of the weekend and much of our time was spent indoors. We enjoyed comfort food, the warmth of the fireplace and craft time.  I spent time with Chance, the girls and in the garden between rain drops. We hung out with friends and spent time relaxing.
1. Garden veggies, spinach, chard, romaine lettuce and eggs from the girls
2. Caprese panini with zucchini
3. New slipper socks in the making
4. My shadow, always at my side
5. Chancie warm in his blanket, enjoying some snackie treats under his cover

Saturday, February 9, 2013

John Deere Day

My sewing machine and I reconnected in December while I was busting out gifts for Christmas. I don't know why we have such long gaps between visits, I do enjoy spending time with it.  Lately with life so full, quick projects are all I seem to have time for. Maybe one day I'll finish binding my summer quilt from 2 years ago but I thinks that's another post.

Anywhoo, while Monkey and I were in town shopping we stopped by the hobby and fabric store. This store is gigantic and has everything and then some and we always like to visit when we're near by.  As soon as we walked in and moved towards the fabric section I saw IT...

John Deere fabric!

Instantly my mind began to race...

John Deere has fabric, how fun is that...
and it's on SALE.

I do need some new comfies...
It's on SALE.

I'm not the only one this fabric spoke too...
It's on SALE

Oh gosh there is only a little bit left...
It's on SALE.

Did I mention it was on SALE? Okay I know, I'll move on...

Who doesn't love a good sale and a cute fabric? I sure do...

So I bought the last couple yards, drove home and threw it in washer.
Soon after it was dried and on my cutting table ready to become my new favorite comfy pants.  An hour or so later...
Walla Walla Bing Bang Boom they were done and I was happily wearing them around the house.

This pattern is from the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I love this book and have made a few things from it. I am a basic seamstress so nothing fancy for this girl,  the quick and easy patterns are perfect for me.

It's rained here all day and night yesterday. It's cold and and still very dark so I had to stand in front of the open door to get this shot without using my flash. I'll take the rain, no complaints at all and am thinking of those in the east who were hit with the blizzard.

Notice the dirty floors.  Dogs, rain and this country life....It's all so very good and my heart is full.  Okay now off to clean those floors.

Hope you are safe, warm and having a great weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." Douglas Pagels
He goes by many names and I can be caught singing them to him too I know silly but I SO love this dog of mine. I am a horrible singer, no musical talent here what so ever, but I don't think he minds. My family does but they love me so it's all good.

Jackson Brown
Brown dog
Love bug
Pumpkin eater pie
Chicken poo eater
Cookie Monster

He is still on house arrest and resting. Although he is able to walk around the vineyard a little bit I've limited his activity significantly. He is my shadow and so very sweet. I think dogs make better people. It's hard to see him grow older. He is awesome and I am so thankful for him.

Here's hoping we'll start seeing am improvement over the next week as the anti inflammatory medicine kicks in so he can get back out and run around like I know he wants to.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The not so glamorous side

of raising chickens that is. Last Thursday morning when I went out to clean and feed I noticed Betty had a couple small black dots on her comb. Friday morning when I went out to clean and feed I noticed all four of my girls had black colored dots (scabs) on their combs. What was going on! Something very contagious was happening with the girls. There were no signs of anything being wrong and then within 24 hours all my girls were showing signs of something... but what...

I was sure it more than pecking and after researching online I assumed it was mites. Mites are a common in fowl and are spread by wild animals and birds. Well we sure have wild animals in our area. Coyotes, rabbits, squirrel, bob cats and an occasional mountain lion not to mention all the birds.  They say it's not a "if" but "when" you will get hit with them.  These pest are sort of like fleas in that if there's one you know there are more except much worse they feed off blood like a tic and in extreme cases can kill their host.

I took a photo of Betty and Lucy's combs down to the feed store for confirmation. I then dusted the coop with human grade DE and the girls with an organic powder. I also painted vegetable oil over the wood and in the cracks prior dusting.

Good news is I caught it early and treated right away so I am hopeful we got it handled.  I guess one good thing that comes from obsessing over my animals is I pick up the little things early on.

Fast forward to today, the spots are all but gone and there are no new ones that have popped up.
Here they are enjoying some dandelions.

The girls are happy, healthy and the music man built a door so they can go into their play yard without my help.

Life is SO good.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Weekend in photos

This weekend was jammed packed with new adventures and time with friends. The music man and I kicked it off Friday afternoon as we drove back down to San Diego for my testing appointment. I passed it woohoo and afterwards we drove over to check out Coronado Island. This was a new place for us and was so pretty.
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and had dinner at a local burger place.
After dinner we we went for a walk and back to the waters edge where I shot this before heading home. I love the reflection here on the water in both the day and night.
Saturday morning My buddies and I went to Clinton Anderson's horse clinic.  This man really has a way with horses and makes me think of the horse whisperer. He shared his philosophy and training methods, it was amazing and a fun morning hanging out with the girls.
Cash'd Out Band
Saturday night the music man had a show and I went along to shoot the bands. His band opened up for "Cash'd Out". I was told this band is the only tribute band supported by the Cash family itself and they were incredible. When I closed my eyes it really did sound exactly like the Man In Black.
Sunday I spent the afternoon with Chance before heading over to a super bowl party with friends.  He was such a good guy today and we had a great ride. The music man took this photo of us and I love it. Jack stayed home per doctor orders to rest his shoulder. We need to limit his running around for a couple weeks but expect him to be back at it soon.

How was your weekend, did you watch the game?