Saturday, February 9, 2013

John Deere Day

My sewing machine and I reconnected in December while I was busting out gifts for Christmas. I don't know why we have such long gaps between visits, I do enjoy spending time with it.  Lately with life so full, quick projects are all I seem to have time for. Maybe one day I'll finish binding my summer quilt from 2 years ago but I thinks that's another post.

Anywhoo, while Monkey and I were in town shopping we stopped by the hobby and fabric store. This store is gigantic and has everything and then some and we always like to visit when we're near by.  As soon as we walked in and moved towards the fabric section I saw IT...

John Deere fabric!

Instantly my mind began to race...

John Deere has fabric, how fun is that...
and it's on SALE.

I do need some new comfies...
It's on SALE.

I'm not the only one this fabric spoke too...
It's on SALE

Oh gosh there is only a little bit left...
It's on SALE.

Did I mention it was on SALE? Okay I know, I'll move on...

Who doesn't love a good sale and a cute fabric? I sure do...

So I bought the last couple yards, drove home and threw it in washer.
Soon after it was dried and on my cutting table ready to become my new favorite comfy pants.  An hour or so later...
Walla Walla Bing Bang Boom they were done and I was happily wearing them around the house.

This pattern is from the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I love this book and have made a few things from it. I am a basic seamstress so nothing fancy for this girl,  the quick and easy patterns are perfect for me.

It's rained here all day and night yesterday. It's cold and and still very dark so I had to stand in front of the open door to get this shot without using my flash. I'll take the rain, no complaints at all and am thinking of those in the east who were hit with the blizzard.

Notice the dirty floors.  Dogs, rain and this country life....It's all so very good and my heart is full.  Okay now off to clean those floors.

Hope you are safe, warm and having a great weekend!


  1. Those comfies turned out awesome!!! That is some pretty darn awesome JD fabric. I would have been buying all that was left. Don't stop sewing! Keep on moving!!! :) 9just trying to keep you motivated to finish the quilt ) :)

  2. Thanks Kar, I have made several pair of these comfies and super love the JD fabric. I do a bit of sewing, seems small and quick project which is why I just need to finish that darn quilt. It's king sized and the top is done.... for two years. I've just needed to sandwich it. Feeling this may be the year lol.

  3. Very cute jammie pants! So happy to find your blog, I adore animals and hope to own some chickens of my own....someday. Your horse is just beautiful!

    1. Hi Donna
      Welcome! I've had my girls for a little over a year now and love them, fresh eggs are awesome and the girls are so fun to watch. Do you live in an area where you can have chickens? I'm off to check out your site now.

      Thanks again,

  4. I love those pants! So cute! I love to slog around the house in comfy clothes just like this.

    1. Thanks Michelle
      Rainy and cold outside makes for a perfect weekend to lounge around so that exactly what I've done with knitting needles in hand.
      Hope your having a good one too :)

  5. LOVE is not a strong enough word. I LOVE them so much it's crazy. awesome.