Saturday, September 29, 2012

I do love Saturday mornings

Taking a break and finishing my morning coffee with Jack at my side. He is doing so great, stitches come out Tuesday and he even joined me at the barn today and ran around with Chance.  I sure do love Saturdays mornings for i don't need to punch a time clock today. The relaxed and slow vibe let's me enjoy my chores and time outside on "my time" and of course i love that i get to do it all with my 24/7 shadow next to me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How bout those cow folk

Life has been a whirlwind lately and i have so much to share with you. Due to the volume of photos and adventures lately i'll be breaking it up into a couple posts, okay.

Here are a few photos of a sorting event i shot over the weekend. Ohhhh how i love to shoot these moo cows in action...
Jack is doing great, my yarn should be hereany day now and finally our nights are cooling. Be back soon with more photos. i picked up a new lens for landscape shots and have spent some more time back at the beach at sunset.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

an update on Jack

Dr. said Jack did great and that he got all of the tumor. YES! As you can see here he is resting and quiet while enjoying lots of snuggles as his body heals. I have no doubt he'll be running around again soon. I wanted to thank everyone for all the doggie get well wishes, i appreciate them and you so much.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A quick drop in...

My sweet brown dog aka John Wayne (he's bow legged) and Mr. Lumpies has had a rough week. I noticed over the last couple of weeks his coat and stamina had been changing so off for a check up we went.   I know It's common for big dogs to get lots of lumpies (benign fatty tumor's) of which he has a lot but a new one that recently  popped up was different...

So the good news is his heart , lungs, lymph nodes blood work and bones are all very good. His coat and stamina changes are because of he is a slightly hypo thyroid which is also very common in doggies his age.  He will be having surgery to remove the newest lumpie as it tested positive for cancer tomorrow. Fingers crossed it is a non aggressive one that will not spread, biopsy will tell more but we are hopeful as all of his testing are good and the statics of this kind of cancer is common and not known to be metastatic.

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on Jack as well as photo's.... We are harvesting tonight, woot woot! Super exciting stuff!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

looking forward

What to do when the heat is stuck on super duper HOT and the monsoonal moisture lingers? Drive back to beach for a ride and to enjoy some cool ocean air.
During our visit and bike ride i found out that Lulus basket liner needs a little adjustment. When the wind from riding around hits the basket, the liner on the front part of the basket blows up so I've sewn a casing around the top and think tying a string tightly should do the trick. Next time we make the trip back to the beach I'll try it out. Otherwise,  I'll have to ad a couple more inches of the polka dot fabric so it lays over the top further down.

Football season has started, my team is 1 -0 woot woot... I hope a sign of things to come. Lets go Chargers!

I've decided on my Fall knitting project and have ordered my yarn (we don't have a fiber store in town) I am excited to cast on and get started on a big cushy warm blanket for the couch.   I am looking forward to and dreaming about the cold nights of winter, i think my family is too since I've been a cranky monster lately with little patience.  This humid hot weather has me sweating all the flipping time so i suppose it a bit funny to chose a blanket huh.

Oh yeah everyday that passes brings us closer to cooler days.  I love everything about Fall, here's just a few. Choosing which seeds to plant for the winter garden, cool nights, warm days, knitting in the evenings and holiday where we all celebrate the blessings in our every days, yep can't get to the end of the month fast enough for me.

How about you guys, are you over the summers heat too and whats your favorite things about Fall?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

a little sewing project

Believe me i am as surprised as you are that i actually sat down at my sewing machine for a project.  I'm feeling a bit crafty now that Fall is in sight. Football, cooler nights, fingers crossed cooler days soon, knitting needles and soups, oh yeah super ready to move past these hot days of summer.  

Okay so back to my sewing machine. Monkey and i went to the hobby store in town last weekend and they had some cute fabrics on sale and i knew exactly what i was going to make to get back in the sewing groove... A liner for Lulu's basket. I dusted off my machine, made a pattern and

 BAM almost instant gratification and it felt really great to be crafty again. I was even thinking about what big knitting project i would take on while watching football last night, life is so good!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon

Yesterday's full moon was one of those rare blue moons that "coincidentally" occurred the same day Neil Armstrong's family laid him to rest.  How incredible was that! The first person to step foot on the moon in 1969, passes away and his services were on the same day of a rare blue moon. Amazing, i think.
I've been told the moon's cycle is 29 days or so and because of that we get a full moon once a month. A Blue Moon actually doesn't have anything to do with being blue in color but named after the saying...Once in a blue moon.  Blue Moons occurs once every three years and when it happens we get two full moons in the month.

I know there hasn't been much talk of the garden or grapes lately but everything is growing really well around here.  The grape harvest is approaching and everyone in valley is looking at bumper crops, very exciting stuff.

I am though, totally over the heat and ready for fall. Enough of these 100 + temps ugh.