Sunday, October 28, 2012

capturing an "I Do"

I had my first wedding shoot yesterday and I was so nervous going in. Knowing if it wasn't perfect we couldn't have a re do so every shot counted and to top it off i met the bride and groom an hour before the ceremony, yikes!

You're probably wondering how the heck i got this gig if i didn't even know the people, right. The groom is friend of a friend of mine who's in one of the music man's bands.

Jerry and Louise were incredibly nice and so very appreciative that i felt at ease immeditaly after meeting them which made for a super fun and beautiful day. I definitely enjoy landscape, concert and rough stock photography...Weddings are A LOT of work that make for long days (flash back to cupcake days and a broken back) but if i'm being honest it felt pretty awesome knowing i was able to capture pieces of their special day forever. A lot of work yep but a privilage for sure.

The view included a neighboring winery.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Julian Adventure

The music man, kids and i took off this weekend to break in our "new to us" camping trailer. We went with some friends to the town of Julian in the mountains of San Diego County. This was the first time we've visited here and what a neat town it is.
I really love the twinkle lights. I 've had them for a while, just waiting in their boxes and have to say it was pretty great being able to finally break them out.
Julian is known for their apples and lucky us this month is their harvest season
 so we grabbed some apples before heading into town to do a little wine tasting and pick up a pie from the famous Julian Pie Company. Holy cow i have no words to describe how amazing the pumpkin apple caramel pie was since amazing doesn't even begin......
We did a little exploring, i taught a buddy to knit, sat and knit a few rows on my winters throw and
enjoyed a beautiful Fall drive. We had a really great time and are looking forward to all the adventures to come!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holy Macaroni

Where the heck have i been? Apparently everywhere but here in the space. I didn't mean to be be away for so long.  For those who were wondering, everything is good, we are good, thank you for your sweet words.  Life just got crazy busy for me at work since the market is on fire and rates are so low,  i haven't had much free time.    Although we have lots of wonderful things happening i just haven't taken the time to stop and blog about them. Here's a quick synopsis of the last couple weeks in photos.

Our Monkey girl turned 20
I've knitted a few rows with this before the weather turned warm again. Jack is fully recovered from his surgery and back at the barn running around with Chance.
I've watched the music man get his groove on and
we sold our Havasu dirt mobile and bought this camper for new adventures. 

Happy Hump Day buddies, i hope you are having a great week thus far and that life is full and good for you as well. 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

some good stuff

Our weather finally broke and seems to be moving towards what the calender says...that's summer over.  Jack got his stitches out, work is busy and my yarn order arrived. Lots of good stuff indeed.
Monkey, Em and I spent a day some girl time in San Diego County.
We started our day with lunch in Little Italy and enjoyed the most amazing Strawberry Napoleon for dessert, seriously amazing. The best custard i have ever had. So good  I'm drooling now just thinking about it. So so delicious.
afterwards with very full bellies we drove over to the bay for some exercise and
finished up our play day in La jolla for sunset were i got to play with my new lens.