Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Julian Adventure

The music man, kids and i took off this weekend to break in our "new to us" camping trailer. We went with some friends to the town of Julian in the mountains of San Diego County. This was the first time we've visited here and what a neat town it is.
I really love the twinkle lights. I 've had them for a while, just waiting in their boxes and have to say it was pretty great being able to finally break them out.
Julian is known for their apples and lucky us this month is their harvest season
 so we grabbed some apples before heading into town to do a little wine tasting and pick up a pie from the famous Julian Pie Company. Holy cow i have no words to describe how amazing the pumpkin apple caramel pie was since amazing doesn't even begin......
We did a little exploring, i taught a buddy to knit, sat and knit a few rows on my winters throw and
enjoyed a beautiful Fall drive. We had a really great time and are looking forward to all the adventures to come!


  1. This sounds like a perfect time to me!

  2. beautiful trip! So crazy Rich and I were there two weeks ago. I rode on the back of his Harley and all and all we covered 300 miles that weekend. It was so pretty up in Julian, so pretty. I just love the shots you captured.

    Tracie (red)

    1. Hi buddy! OMGosh it is So great to hear form you! We did have a great time, thanks. I cant believe you went that far on the back of the bike, wowza that is a long way, how was your butt? Okay i'm off to find your blog. btw love the name xox

  3. love the pictures Jen....
    you've inspired me to get out and drive and find some apple pie!!
    Cool new header photo!!

    1. thanks Kyle , fall is perfect for apple pie... i think anyways :)