Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holy Macaroni

Where the heck have i been? Apparently everywhere but here in the space. I didn't mean to be be away for so long.  For those who were wondering, everything is good, we are good, thank you for your sweet words.  Life just got crazy busy for me at work since the market is on fire and rates are so low,  i haven't had much free time.    Although we have lots of wonderful things happening i just haven't taken the time to stop and blog about them. Here's a quick synopsis of the last couple weeks in photos.

Our Monkey girl turned 20
I've knitted a few rows with this before the weather turned warm again. Jack is fully recovered from his surgery and back at the barn running around with Chance.
I've watched the music man get his groove on and
we sold our Havasu dirt mobile and bought this camper for new adventures. 

Happy Hump Day buddies, i hope you are having a great week thus far and that life is full and good for you as well. 



  1. Happy Birthday to your Monkey Girl!

  2. Yeah happy birthday to your girl! You will have so many awesome adventures in your new trailer. Always good to hear your updates.

    Tracie (red)