Thursday, May 21, 2015


Believe me I'm as surprised as you are to be back here tonight. Time flies its true and I've missed you guys!  I hope life is good in your hood.

In my hood life has been really busy. Crazy in fact and mostly good.  I have been getting messages checking in for house updates and to make sure we are well. Thank you so much, we are good.

We are still not in our house though so fast forward and I've been camping for eight months. Yep, eight  ^&(%! months! Our house has been finished since February but we have had nothing but problems and delays in getting our approval to install our solar system. Long story so I won't bore you but lets just say it hasn't been easy.  Fingers crossed we will be able to get it finished up and move into our home soon.

Though I haven't been in this space much this year I am on Facebook and would love for you to keep in touch with me there. I post updates often and many glimpses into the ranch and animals. In fact I just rescued another horse...  I hope as life settles down and time allows I can return to this space but for now...

my personal page is here and my photography page is