Friday, November 28, 2014

Counting Blessings...

I try and give thanks every single day, often several time over. Life is amazing isn't it? It may not always be easy and there are many speed bumps but it is always good...  This time of year is my favorite. I love the weather the fall season offers, football and this holiday in particular.  With so much going on in our lives right now I spent some extra time counting our many blessing this week.

I am so incredibly grateful for these people who God gave me.  These people who love me day in and day out, who accept me for who I am and who fill my heart with Joy.   My family, I sure love these people!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ranching Is Hard Work... Duh

I'm exhausted, my back is screaming at me but I'm determined, my heart is full of Joy and the music man amazes me... I know he is sore too but is working double time around me. I'm so grateful for his knowledge and dedication. After weeks of working hard with little more to see than dirt we are now actually seeing our hard work and man it sure
feels good!

Both horse turn outs are done and are beautiful. I am really happy with the fencing we chose and the animals have plenty of room to kick up their heels if they want to.

Both storage sheds are done and I have begun to decorate my tack room. In addition to painting I've learned how to roof and run hot wire.

Duke and Daisy are chasing coyotes daily and are learning the boundaries of the property. They have become best buddies and not only love each other but their high energy level keeps them playing all day. The picture above is just after Duke got busted for running off property and not listening as I called him off. He does have a cute oops I'm sorry look doesn't he?
My Tack shed is coming along.
The sunrise and sunsets are spectacular here and I'm looking forward to capturing them with my "real" camera soon.  I love this photo of the girls enjoying their sunset snack with Daisy Mae watching over them.  As you can see we have the round pen up as well. Ohh sweet sweet progress I tell ya.
It's getting down right cold at night so this week I have begun blanketing. Check out our princess Punkin Pie sporting her brand new pink coat. What a cutie!
I've noticed over the last few days that Chancie has started dropping weight even though I am feeding heavy... I think he is burning extra calories to keep warm so I hope blanketing at night will help stop that. He and Luna Tuna are due for their teeth floating as well and have am appointment with the dentist this morning. Hoping blanket and a happy mouth will help keep weight on him over the winter.
Check out our sweet Samson and our fencing, isn't is awesome! I'm pretty sure donkeys are angels that God sends to us for some extra love...
We have a chance of a thunder storm tomorrow night. Though camp is not quiet set up for rain yet we could sure use it. The dirt here is like cake flour and poofs up everywhere especially as the music man tractors around. It would be nice if mother nature could help us compact it down a bit. Yeah a little less dirt flying would be nice.

Hoping all is well is your hood. I've just figured out how to tether my phone to the lap top and am pretty proud of my technical achievement....  Now to catch up with everyone in decent size print, yes!   As the days go by I swear the print on my phone gets smaller and smaller...

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Update From My Cell

Coffee cheers to my incredible husband who is working his butt off for us. We have been working from sun up to after dark via lights from our generator busting out big moves.
We do take little breaks though, here's Shelby taking Ms. Punkin and her Honey dog for a walk before dinner the other night. Sigh I love this life...
My sweet Duke and I getting ready to start another day. It was a chilly morning and we were both moving just a little slower enjoying the warmth of the indoors.
And I believe my she is a he... He is getting so big and his feather coloring is gorgeous. I noticed a couple weeks ago that his coloring and size was so different from the hens that I got at the same time. We're now thinking of a boy names and though I thought all my chicks were hens we are looking forward to some crowing and all the shenanigans roosters do.
Sweet Samson smiling for all the veterans yesterday. We love and appreciate all those who serve, have served and their families not just one day of the year but everyday.
Hanging horse gates after sunset. One of the horse turn outs is done and we're hoping to finish the other today after work. Fingers crossed we don't have any issues.
And look, after all that work we still like each other haha. Hope all is well in your hood.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Howdy From What The Heck Just Happened...

I'm posting from my cell phone as we do not have WiFi set up yet. This is a first for me,  crossing fingers it's works.

Our move has gone anything but smooth in fact its been quite a disastrous adventure thus far. We have been working non stop for the last 30 days in preparing for the move.  Fencing for both perimeter and horses as well as water delivery and tanks as the well is not up and running yet.

We now have umpteen unfinished projects but the animals and humans have made it over. Phew.  I am hoping the chicken coop will come tomorrow. I am worried about my girls being alone at the old place. Their coop is solid but the rural nature of where we live makes me nervous non the less.

Since horse turn outs are not done yet they are staying a few days in the round pen. The dogs are so happy and doing a fabulous job of keeping the coyotes off property.  Both donkeys bray and stare in the campers window a lot. I know everyone is feeling the stress that moving brings. I think they they're saying hey lady where'd you bring us and is this it! Just a few more days and I know they will love it here too. Their pastures are big and roomy.

As of now we're dry camping next to the horses. My fridge and water pump are not working. We had a little rain system come through the other night and we have a major water leak in our roof, about a foot away from my pillow. Ugh. Though it's been rough we have laughed, dreamed and are even more determined to get everything finished.

The views are incredible here. The quiet,  peaceful. Standing on our own dirt is beyond joyful and I can see the big picture and it sure is beautiful.

All the mayhem will pass and the music man and I will have tons of stories to share and no doubt some laughs too... Moving just sucks but life is amazing!
Hoping all is well in your hood. Have a great week!