Monday, November 3, 2014

Howdy From What The Heck Just Happened...

I'm posting from my cell phone as we do not have WiFi set up yet. This is a first for me,  crossing fingers it's works.

Our move has gone anything but smooth in fact its been quite a disastrous adventure thus far. We have been working non stop for the last 30 days in preparing for the move.  Fencing for both perimeter and horses as well as water delivery and tanks as the well is not up and running yet.

We now have umpteen unfinished projects but the animals and humans have made it over. Phew.  I am hoping the chicken coop will come tomorrow. I am worried about my girls being alone at the old place. Their coop is solid but the rural nature of where we live makes me nervous non the less.

Since horse turn outs are not done yet they are staying a few days in the round pen. The dogs are so happy and doing a fabulous job of keeping the coyotes off property.  Both donkeys bray and stare in the campers window a lot. I know everyone is feeling the stress that moving brings. I think they they're saying hey lady where'd you bring us and is this it! Just a few more days and I know they will love it here too. Their pastures are big and roomy.

As of now we're dry camping next to the horses. My fridge and water pump are not working. We had a little rain system come through the other night and we have a major water leak in our roof, about a foot away from my pillow. Ugh. Though it's been rough we have laughed, dreamed and are even more determined to get everything finished.

The views are incredible here. The quiet,  peaceful. Standing on our own dirt is beyond joyful and I can see the big picture and it sure is beautiful.

All the mayhem will pass and the music man and I will have tons of stories to share and no doubt some laughs too... Moving just sucks but life is amazing!
Hoping all is well in your hood. Have a great week!


  1. oh, hang tough, girlie! you'll make it! i hope all the last creature comforts can come together in the next few days - and yours, too! :)

  2. Sending good vibes your way! Stay strong! Everything will work out!

  3. It WILL get better! Those animals are very lucky to have hard-working people taking care of them :-) And don't forget to take care of yourself - you're worth it! I'm sending deep cleansing breaths your way, my friend.

  4. All will be well soon. Love your attitude. Hang in there!

  5. Glad all is good in the hood. Great shots. Hug B

  6. Just keep focused on what lies at the end of the road of this adventure. All will be good! Hugs!

  7. Hang in there its all coming together ~ Congrats on your own piece of the pie !