Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ready Set Camp

Thank you everyone for your sweet healing wishes for Duke, he is great! Finished his antibiotics and is healing really well. In fact the injury didn't really slow him down at all.

The move date to our ranch is here and wow did it come fast! We're not really ready but have been working not stop for the last few weeks trying to be.  We expect to receive our first work card permit today or tomorrow as all conditions are now clear. We have been drilling post holes for days... And days. Seriously the hardest work, even with Fergie the tractor.

The music man was able to build my tack shed this week, though not done it sure looks good. This project is so big that it often feels like a single drip drop of water into the ocean. With the fence post in for both pastures, almost half of the perimeter posts in on two of the sides of the property and one of the sheds up I am now starting to see the progress. Thank you God.

Though we are exhausted and sore with so much more that needs to be done before we move we are so excited and grateful to finally have our own slice of dirt.  Knowing all this hard work makes for dreams that do come true.   We are so thankful for the support of our friends and family who have been helping us as well. This weekend they will be back to help us set up or "camp".

Okay I best get moving, those empty boxes are calling me.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend


  1. oh, i think your livestock will be comfy and settled while you rough it for a while! :)

  2. It will all be worth the hard work when you are finished. Have a wonderful weekend with all your helpers! : )

  3. Your own slice of dirt I know that feeling there is no better feeling. Good luck and enjoy every exhausting lovely moment. Hug B

  4. Jen, wishing you all the best for a smooth move. Sounds like everything is falling into place perfectly. That hard work will be well worth it when you look back and see all that you both have accomplished. Congrats!

  5. busy days over there…enjoying watching the progress….

  6. Don't know how I missed this last week :-( But I hope the weekend went well. Moving is SOOO much work!

  7. I'm really excited for you ,nothing like working your own slice of land ~ even when it exhausting .
    Glad Dukes okay I had missed a few posts so back tracked to see what happened , Good boy Duke ~ just be careful and put your tail between your legs if you have to ;)

  8. Whew.. Duke.. close one!! Glad he's doing okay :) Seems like we're both moving about the same time. we're only moving to the back yard, technically speaking, but still a lot to do.. and here I sit reading blogs. but that's important too, right?! best wishes on everything!! -Tammy