Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As a child the days seemed so long didn't they? Especially around the holidays, time felt as if it stood still. Today time seems to fly by and mostly i can keep up but sometimes life gets so busy that i simply can't. Somewhere between the every days of life and the speed in which they pass by my babies of yesterday have grown into amazing young adults of today.

My family and i are in one of life's transitional periods and are looking forward to new adventures and possibilities that this time brings us. Our Bug recently left the nest to live closer to his work. He has a great opportunity in front of him and I know he will do really great. I miss him but am also very happy for him. I'm thankful that we are close and that he loves his mamma's Pasta Sundays because i will see him often. Everyone needs a good home cooked meal and the comfort of family even while spreading their wings and marching right into independence~ville.

Monkey's had her senior prom this weekend and soon to follow her high school graduation. She has already made plans to continue her education this fall and study child development which is so perfect for her. She's great with kids and i know she will do very well in her studies.

Oh my gosh it is so amazing to see my kids grow, become independent and successful human beings. As parents that's what we spend our time working towards and praying for. I will also say that its hard not to be just a little sad knowing that I'm not needed as much these days. Although the joy in knowing my kids are happy, balanced and becoming responsible adults is incredible.

I finally finished my series of spinal injections this week, and am D O N E whoohoo!
new growth
as if we don't have enough changes going on these days we are also moving! I am so excited to share with you that we are going to live where the grape vines grow. We have dreamt of this day for so long i can hardly believe it's here. Excited, incredibly excited and so blessed to be able to live where there are beautiful hillside views, some much desired elbow room and an area for a good sized garden, all nestled amongst the grape vines. I will be away from this space for a couple of weeks while my family and i close a few chapters in our life and open new ones.
our new drive way
our new drive way

In the meantime here's wishing that the rest of this month brings you a few slower minutes on the clock and some extra happiness.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Life is SO good!
I have been enjoying these longer days and spending every minute I am not working outside. My knitting has taken a back seat to the sunshine, life through my camera lens and playing in my garden. Monkey and i also went to Stagecoach Music Festival with the girls and had a blast! I've been spending time reading the Pioneers Women's book that i won on Hespers blog.
reflections of a good time
a good read

My garden::
So far so good, all my veggies are growing well and no losses by the animals, yet... I do see evidence that they are still visiting during the night but my barriers seem to be working well thus far. I was able to harvest and freeze several batches of Spinach before the heat visited us last week and they bolted. The onions have taken root, tomato plants are about 2' tall, carrots seedlings have be thinned, the squash is blooming and the herbs are happily growing. The only veg that didn't do great earlier this year was my lettuce. I was able to harvest a few heads but not nearly as much as in the past. Overall i am thrilled with the results especially since this was the first year i started seeds in my kitchen instead of buying transplants.
Earth Day 2011
Growing greens with a splash of yellow

Exciting and busy times::
The music man and i have spent many days visiting where the grape vines grow and are looking forward to our move there soon. Monkey's HS graduation is almost here and we are so excited to finally be able to live in the country. The music man and i have been dreaming and waiting for the day we could get out of the city, have our hands in more dirt, enjoy more elbow room, learn more about making wine and soaking in the magical sunsets at the end of the day. Feels like the theme here is "more". More of the things we enjoy, simply and thankfully, yes life is so so good.

Ranunculus field
Here's a field of Ranunculus for all you Mommas, I hope you had a wonderful relaxing kind of day yesterday. ((hugs))

I recently read this quote and loved it so much that i had to share.

"Even the predictable turns into surprise the moment we stop taking it for granted"
Br David Seigl

Happy Monday!