Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ready Set Camp

Thank you everyone for your sweet healing wishes for Duke, he is great! Finished his antibiotics and is healing really well. In fact the injury didn't really slow him down at all.

The move date to our ranch is here and wow did it come fast! We're not really ready but have been working not stop for the last few weeks trying to be.  We expect to receive our first work card permit today or tomorrow as all conditions are now clear. We have been drilling post holes for days... And days. Seriously the hardest work, even with Fergie the tractor.

The music man was able to build my tack shed this week, though not done it sure looks good. This project is so big that it often feels like a single drip drop of water into the ocean. With the fence post in for both pastures, almost half of the perimeter posts in on two of the sides of the property and one of the sheds up I am now starting to see the progress. Thank you God.

Though we are exhausted and sore with so much more that needs to be done before we move we are so excited and grateful to finally have our own slice of dirt.  Knowing all this hard work makes for dreams that do come true.   We are so thankful for the support of our friends and family who have been helping us as well. This weekend they will be back to help us set up or "camp".

Okay I best get moving, those empty boxes are calling me.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Duke A Gazillion ~ Coyote 1

Shelby turned another year older and we celebrated with family. Look at these two, I sure love them and am always grateful when my son comes out to visit us.  
Like every morning Duke runs coyotes off the property while I'm out feeding. He's my second set of eyes and takes his job as "super ranch dog"very seriously. Inherently, he protects.

Yesterday morning he bolted out the door and took off barking before Daisy and I knew what was happening. When I got down to the horses I saw Duke and a coyote across the road. I then saw two, three and four coyotes in total. Thankfully, seeing Daisy and me walking towards Duke they all ran off.

Last night I found a puncture wound just above his tail. I've cleaned it and he is current on his rabies (and all vaccines). This morning we'll be visiting the vet to be sure all is okay. A year of chasing coyotes and this is the first time he has had contact with them, lucky I know since we don't have a fence here.
(photo by shelbs)
Another reason we are busting our humps over at the lot sinking fence post. We have about one third of what we need in and set. In total, we are fencing about 4,000 feet and hoping to have the first half done before moving over there.

**Duke update
We started him on antibiotics, he'll have a scar but will be fine.  Thanks everyone for your kind words about him and your prayers. He is such a tough guy and one of my cutest hero's...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Glimpse of Fall And Some Catch Up...

The focus is off on this image but I wanted to share anyways. This was my grandpa's measuring cup and one of my favorites. Though he had a rough life I think he found pieces of peace in the kitchen. He was a good cook and I love that I have this family treasure. I always think and feel close to my grandpa when I'm busting out my own moves in the kitchen. What a gift this little cup is.  
Being a wrecking ball is hard work... Ms. Daisy Mayhem has severe separation anxiety. Have you had an animal suffer this? We are making great progress on potty training and manners but if she cannot see or hear me things quickly go sideways.

I have been working on crate training her in hopes of finding a place where she can feel safe and cozy when I have to run to town...What a total disaster!  She has broken through 2 of them. She literally breaks the metal at the weld joints and squeezes her body through an incredibly small opening. We have averted disaster as she has not gotten herself hung up but the crate thing is simply not working. I get home to find my stuff all over the place and her in total freak out mode.  I cannot leave her outside in this hot weather or take her everywhere with me. Any suggestion are welcome.
Last week our temps dropped and we had a day of fall like weather before another heat wave set in.  I was so excited that I baked, made soup, power cleaned the house and started packing.  The only thing I wasn't able to squeeze in was some knitting time.
Fergie the magic machine (aka tractor) broke down and we lost a whole week of work at the lot but she's fixed now and we are hopeful we can run a large fence line this coming weekend. My parents and Justin are coming down to lend some helping hands so we can make up some ground.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and checking some stuff off the "to do" list at the same time.

I'm thankful for the weekly phone conversations with my son but I haven't hugged him or looked into his eyes since July, way to long to be sure everything in his life is good.  Phone calls are great but in person check in's are always way more awesome and necessary for this mama.

Our move date is coming fast and there really is so much that must be done.  Truth be told I've been freaking out a bit. I know all will be amazing and I'm trying to lift up my stress and let it go but it's hard and I haven't done such a hot job with it. I am soaking in all these moment, taking the good with the bad and learning so much about expectations, adjustments and patience.  I mean after all Gods timing IS perfect why fight it.

Weather forecast says cooler days are coming our way, great news for working outdoors and perhaps I can pick up those knitting needles soon.

Hoping all is well in your hood,