Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Since I've been here last...

~I've unpacked a few more boxes
~achieved a goal
~went on a walk
~celebrated Monkey's high school graduation
~spent a couple days with J Bug
~enjoyed the company of friends and family
~enjoyed a beautiful sunset with the music man
~and finished up the Chardonnay from pasta Sunday while reflecting in more ways than one at how beautiful life is.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

We have been in busy mode for a few weeks now with moving and Monkey's graduation. Now I look forward to the slow down that summer and her warm days bring us.
the neighbors fence of roses
I find when i share out loud my plans i have a better chance of meeting them so with that in mind,
here is my list of things to do this season;

~read a book or two
~camp at the beach
~go on a fruit walk and can jam
~make time everyday to spend outside soaking in the warm air and sunshine
~visit a local tomato farm and can my sauce,
~finish the summer quilt i started last year
~find a couple quiet minutes everyday to give thanks
~enjoy many family dinners outside

What's on your list?

Happy Summer Solstice!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

two weeks worth

We moved exactly two weeks ago today and are slowly but surely getting settled in to our new environment and are feeling very blessed and thankful.

We've enjoyed our first Pasta Sunday with visits from friends and family.

We've been listening to roosters crowing and horses naying.

We've taken a couple walks and visited the goats again. I am hoping to meet some human neighbors soon.
stand up and eat
I guess it is true, they will eat anything that's in reach.

I'm settled in my office and in the work groove. I absolutely love the view and pinch myself just to make sure it's real.
front view
We've been drying our clothes outdoors.

There's no gas hook up for the dryer but there is a clothes line. This is new for me and i LOVE it! I'm not in a hurry to get a new dryer, at least until the rain comes.
air drying
Knowing I'm decreasing our use of energy and the crunchy smell of goodness from the sun feels really good.

We've also had morning visits from the hot air balloons as they pass by.
Last weekend one was right outside the back door and we could see and hear the people talking in the basket, super neat.
We've watch the dogs enjoy the spaciousness of the property too.

Jack likes to lay in shade and enjoy the afternoon breeze. While Hobo love to walk the perimeter several times a day before rolling in the grass and napping.
this face

iphone 029

We've also found the local pizzeria and Deli and visited twice.
love Caprese?
They have a Caprese sandwich that's my new fave. So good!

Monkey finished her studies last Friday and has enjoyed a few days with friends, a class field trip to Magic Mountain and some shopping time with her momma. Her graduation ceremony is tomorrow and we are so excited.
Here is the picture i took for her announcements.

Enjoy your week and thank you for stopping by this space of mine, i always enjoy reading your comments.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a new friend

The music man and i went for a walk to find our mailbox as it down the road a bit. On our way we found a new friend at the neighbors. She was so sweet and friendly.
a new friend
I'm now looking forward to picking up my mail so i can visit her on the way. We are living amongst the vines, horses, chickens a few snakes and goats. There is so much inspiration and photo opps here its really exciting. I am in the country now and super love love love it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

a quick break

taking a quick break
to say hello, i've missed you guys. We are in moving meyham and i'm trying to enjoy every minute for soon we will be settled and back in the groove. This place is magical, peaceful and we are feeling very blessed. I see many Pasta Sundays here and am looking forward to spending some time catching up with everyone next week. Happy Saturday!