Thursday, January 31, 2013

My girls...

I have been enjoying some really fun videos in blogland lately and they inspired me to share one of my own.  I love my girls, they each have their own personality and I enjoy sitting and watching them. I spend a a few minutes most everyday after chores are done just hanging out with them in their play  yard. 

They greet me loudly every time I walk towards their area. I think my warm greeting is because they know I always have the "goods"... Greens and lately oranges but I couldn't figure out how to video my greeting, get them out of the coup to the yard and their snacks to them with my phone in hand.  The music man is installing a door for them so they can go in and out by themselves, once done I'll be able to capture both.  
Here's my first video attempt of my girls during a late morning snack.  

Jack is still a bit off on his right front and he was much worse yesterday so we'll be visiting the vet this afternoon to see what he did. The dogs love to run up and down the vineyard but with the gopher holes it's a bit of a obstacle course.

Tomorrow is my test for work and I'm planning on turning my drive down to San Diego into another photo adventure. Remember last time time I landed here and got some amazing shots. I am excited to get the test done and then enjoy a sunset with the music man at maybe the marina... or gas lamp.... or maybe back at another beach. There is so much to do down there and it's all new to me so I'm excited to see where my camera and I will land.

Thanks Tammy for the chicken inspiration and the idea of hitting the darn record button!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Morning...

from my hood to yours. Happy Hump days friends. We're already two days away from another weekend and you I like that!

It's been a busy week thus far. Brr it's cold today but the sun is shining for the first time in a several days.  I'm studying for another test for work that will lead me back to San Diego for a day and a Clinton Anderson Clinic this weekend. Life is full but very good.

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This weekend...

As promised by the weather man we had rain all weekend. The Barrel Race Event Monkey and I were going to was cancelled as was my trail ride with Chance.   I did spend time with him but instead of out and about we hung out inside his stall where it was dry. We worked on manners and ate candy canes. Peppermint is his new favorite treat.  

The garden is super happy and the sweet peas are standing straight up. Stretching towards the sky as if they are looking for the sunshine that is trying to peak out between the rain drops this afternoon.

Both Friday night and last night the Music Man had gigs. Friday was Big Truth who played at a local wine tasting room and last night was Hemisphere's A Rush tribute. His band co headlined at a Rock for Cancer Research benefit in Del Mar. It was raining there too and really cold but people came in droves for this great cause.
Hanging out with some of my favorite people before the show... and my buddy L who was there too.
Show time! 
I love music and listen to all kinds, though country is my favorite.  The Music Man is a rocker through and through.  I sometimes wish I could sing or play an instrument but am seriously musically challenged.  It's all good,  I'm his #1 fan and I love that.  It's so fun watching and hearing him do his thing. He is so darn talented!

It was a couple late nights for us, way past my bedtime.  I'm thankful for our rainy gray day as like before,  it offers the perfect excuse for a lazy Sunday afternoon to rest and recharge ourselves for the new week coming.

How was your weekend?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rain Drops and Greens

Where I live we can garden all year long. Our summers are hot and our winters daytime temps are mild with cold nights so winter and spring are my favorite time to grow my greens.  I am able to plant all my leafy and root veggies now while summertime is reserved for tomato, peppers squash, berries and melons.

This years winter garden is off to a good start. I'm growing...
romaine and arugula
fava beans
brussell sprouts
sweet peas
onion both red and walla walla
strawberries (from last summer not producing but still growing for spring)
garlic (waiting for a summer harvest)
and cucumber seeds in house

I didn't replant cauliflower. Last year was down right ugly, they didn't do well at all and simply became aphid catchers. The vineyard likes the DG and rocky soil but my veggies definitely don't. I have spent the last year and a half building up a more friendly environment to sow my seeds and feel I've learned a bit more with each passing season.

With another year of composting my soil and a couple yards of clean fed soil brought in a couple months ago to mix in as well, I'm hoping this year will be better and I'll have a full freezer and jars in the pantry.

For me there's nothing better than a bit of dirt on your hands and clean food in the kitchen for my family.  I know how lucky I am and am very thankful I can grow food year round.
Our fruit orchard is exploding right now too. We have a huge amount of pink grapefruits, mandarins and oranges on the trees...Fresh OJ,  Greyhounds and the mandarins... Oh my... Those mandarins... What can i say they are my favorite. YUM! Three of my girls are laying again so fresh eggs and fresh fruit... Life is SO good.

The frost a couple weeks ago affected the pomegranate and guava tree but didn't seem to bother the citrus at all. Thankfully we had already enjoyed the fruit these trees offered us and they are now resting, I'm sure they'll bounce back for next season as Mother Nature is giving that way.

Are you able to winter garden, if so what do you plant?

The rain is back and expected to hang around on and off for a few days. I don't mind. I love the sound of rain drops while the water is good for the garden. The weather has been crazy lately for everyone, I've read your blogs and know some of you are having extreme weather. For the next few days here we are expected to be closer to normal. While I like to shake things up I also find comfort in the predictable.

I'll be shooting a few photos at a barrel racing event Saturday afternoon and finishing the day shooting the music man's gig, I have to say I'm super exited about that too. Sunday if not raining I'll be spending the afternoon with Chance.

Happy Friday and happy weekending!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Changes A Year Can Bring!

Exactly a year ago today he captured my heart and I took him home.  The last few weeks I've been thinking about all we've done, where we started and where we are now.  I have so many emotions.  Looking back on the photos my heart breaks for how bad he looked on day one. Still I'm not able to process animal neglect and hurt. Feeling incredibly thankful and in awe of what a lot of love and trust can do.  Over flowing with joy at how he looks and how he is now... happy, healthy, trusting, loving and so super sweet.
The photo above was taken last week after giving him a bath. He looks completely different today than a year ago, here's a look back.
Day one.
His weight is low, spine and ribs are out, his feet aren't good and he's anxious. Everything seems to be a new experiences for him as he was in isolation for many years. He's a bit foggy but those eyes of his are soft and gentle, I'm in love. I'm excited and I'm hopeful I can make a difference. He is so sweet.
After a few weeks in I'm finding out that as the fog begins to lift for him he is testing me. Challenging me if you will to see who will be the leader in this new relationship of ours. We are making progress with his food aggression and his bad manners are improving. He is trusting me more with everyday that passes.
Now a few months in, his weight is coming back slowly, he's shedding out nicely and his hooves continue to grow and improve. You can see here that his back is lifting and looking much better.
He likes to follow me where ever I go and is learning about respecting spaces, specifically mine. 
We are all smiles now and his life is so good.  He is no longer food aggressive, his feet are healed, he's sound, his weight is great, he is respectful most days and our bond is strong. I can go out on trail alone or with friends.  He is spoiled and I love it that way. I figure he's earned it after surviving so much. 
Thank you God for blessing me with this sweet guy, he is such a gift. I am so proud of us and how far we've come over the last year and am excited to see what progress and fun this next year will bring us.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This weekend...

I helped out at the barn and babysat a dozen horses, fed, cleaned pens and blanketed.  It was a lot of work but I had a lot of help from my Monkey girl, the music man and my buddies who were visiting us this weekend.  
I planted 40 potato's and finished weeding my garden

We received our first egg in two months, WOOT WOOT, so exciting! Lucy girl is laying again and i think both Goldie and Dixie are close to finishing their moult. Poor Betty is still losing her feathers.

My buddies and I went to the music man's gig and had a really fun time. We danced our booties off and enjoyed some wine.

I'm a bit tired this afternoon.  

As we wind things down and get ready for the new week I made a batch of veggie chili and plan on finishing the weekend quietly and snuggling with Jack who is lame today. I'm not sure what happened, might be a shoulder sprain from running in vineyard. We're keeping an eye on him and are hoping that tomorrow he'll feel better. 
 I took this photo yesterday morning of Monkey snuggling with her Honey Bun. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

AKA Mr. Cool

Jackson Brown Dog aka Mr. Cool. 
I love this photo of him,  isn't he so cool,  my snuggle bug. He wanted to pop in and say hi and wish you a Happy Saturday. 

As for us we have a good friend coming to town for a visit today, the music man has a gig and I'll be spending some extra time at the barn. I am SO excited my potato eyes are in and  I plan on busting out moves in the garden after church Sunday. Our weather is so crazy right now, we have warmed up over 20 degrees, crazy but perfect for planting. 

Happy Weekending!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've been thinking...

Thinking about legacies since we attended my Aunts services last weekend.  She was very involved with her church  and I met many of her friends. Her favorite Psalm was 91:1, I didn't know that.  I heard story after story about how many people she touched and what a huge impact she had on them. I can see how she did and I am so thankful for my time with her.

Thinking about baby chicks and that I need a couple more. They are so cute and we are egg less as my girls are still molting, sigh. I think we're getting close though.

I'm also thinking that both Monkey and Bug,  though they attend different colleges have the same week off for spring break this year...  I'm taking this as a sign to do something fun and am planning another trip. This time to The Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

Now I'm thinking about what I'll pack in my knitting and camera bag.

I'm thinking that two sheep would be a good number.  I think everyone needs a buddy and two would give us plenty of wool for knitting.

I'm thinking about spinning. This has been on my "list of things" for a while and maybe this is the year I'll make it happen.

I saw this bumper sticker while on on our road trip, seeing how dirty their bumper is I'm thinking they were on a road trip too.
and now I think I'll go and plants more seeds and sing a song now that the weatherman says we have a bit of warmer weather coming our way.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Even the poo is frozen!

I'm thinking Southern California might be changing... Climate, pollution, re alignment or perhaps just a freaky cold front that won't move on, I don't know. I do know that we are colder than some places on the east coast and where winter is normally chilly where I live, it's downright crazy cold right now.

I've had to put a heat lamp back in coop for my girls at night and our fireplace is working overtime. I am very thankful for the abundance of wood from a fallen tree.  With night time temps hovering at 20 degrees and day time highs in the 40's (these averages are about 8 to 10 degrees colder than usual) are seriously kicking my butt.

I can't seem to get warm and lunchtime at the barn in the cold wind is just not the same as those lazy lingering mild weather lunches we're used to. I am busting out serious moves so I can go back inside. Although you know I love my Chancie time, hot or cold.
Dixie chick 

Okay, so this morning I bundled up and headed outside to do my chores and like the last few mornings everything was frozen. Any standing water, puddles, hoses, the chickens water, frozen. My garden and the fruit orchard are getting hit hard with frost and my fingers and toes are numb.  Even the poo is frozen!  Seriously, chicken, horse and dog poo all frozen, did you know it could freeze? I didn't and who knew frozen poo makes for an easy clean up. I love this country life of ours and how I am always learning something new.

I also love seasons or maybe I love the idea of seasons as of right now I'm not sure which. I always say I wish we had more weather. Well this is the first real cold I've had to get out and work in and I'm finding out quickly that it may only be when I'm inside by the fire with a cup of hot tea and the brown dog by my feet that I really like the "more weather" part of a season.

I know some of you live where it's really really cold. Stay warm and I apologize I don't mean to whine in wine country I know it could be worse here.  

Thank you to everyone who entered the give-a-way last week. Monkey picked a number and the winner of the scarf is........

Kar from Kar's down home bliss

Congratulations Kar, please email me your address and I'll send it out right away.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekending sunset

Saturday I had to drive into San Diego to take a test for my work. I passed it thankfully, and thought Since i was in the area i would finish the day in La Jolla and visit the Scripps Pier.  It was a beautiful sunset and a wonderful way to end my day before heading back home. Speaking of home it's been freezing. Our night temps for a few days now have been barely 20 degrees. Later this week we should be back to normal at a balmy 30 haha.

This photo has me dreaming of a warm summers eve.

Friday, January 11, 2013

a change and my first give-a-way

It's been almost three years since I started this little blog and I've never made any design or template changes. While it's true I am slow to change I have been trying to expand my page size or margins so I could post larger pics for a while. We didn't have computers in school and the entire tech thing often frustrates me.

Taaa Daaaa...
I did it, I finally figured it out and i am so excited! Seriously, this is a major feat for me to spruce this joint up. Apparently the templates from three years ago are ancient now. Yep, ancient but with the new templates it was easy to update, fairly easy for even me.

I want give a shout out to my new readers and say welcome, it's great to have you! To my blog land buddies,  I am always inspired and blown away with your continuing creativity and talent. I enjoy visiting your spaces and love that you comment on mine, thank you.

I thought since I've spruced up a bit around here I would offer my first give-a-way as well.
This alpaca scarf hand knitted by yours truly is hand dyed, super soft, and warm.  If you're thinking oh my gosh this is awesome, how can i get this perfect little hug for my neck this winter?

It's easy...
If you are not a follower of mine, become one and leave a comment below. Please make sure there is a link back to you if I don't have one already and finally, please feel free to share my link for the giveaway with your readers as well. Good Luck and be sure to leave a post by Monday the 14th as I will choose the winner Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Happy Wednesday we've made it halfway through another week and before we know it, it will be the weekend again, i like that!

Remember this shot from our trip? Being totally and completely a freak over heights but determined to get a specific shot that we drove two days for I bellied crawled up to the 1200 foot edge, extended my arms, held my breath and fired off a bunch of shots. All in hopes of catching the front part of a bend.
This is it! Horseshoe bend where the Colorado river makes it's u turn in the earth. I am so thankful for that day,  belly crawl and all.  The opportunity to see and experience this incredible place was such a gift.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

loving lazy afternoons and old photos

We drove up north this morning and had brunch with my family.  Thought of my aunt and looked through old photo albums. I love old photos! I love how some are sweet, some are serious, most take you back instantly to a memory and some are simply hilarious. Fashion... Oh boy... How it changes over time. All I can say is thank goodness for hair product. I wonder if in a couple decades from now we'll look back and laugh at how we look today? Maybe... I know the 80's were silly for us and don't really know what my sister and I were thinking.
A cute one. My sister and I taken in the late 70's

We're back home now and it's rainy and cold. I love lazy afternoon like these. The perfect excuse to do nothing but sit in front of the fire, enjoying the warmth while listening to football in the background and working on my photo's. I hope to pick up an HDR editing program later this week. Are you familiar with this? It's super cool and I have big plans for a couple of the landscape photos from our trip.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chancie time

I'm feeling super duper productive today. Perhaps the couple cups of strong coffee i had earlier helped to get things started.  I've already worked a couple hours, cleaned the coop, weeded the garden, planted more carrot seeds, busted out two loads of laundry, went on a trail ride and gave Chancie a much needed bath.

The sun is shining here, it's warm and I'm soaking it in before the rain is back tomorrow. I thought with all the landscape and self portrait photos over the last week we could use a little Chancie time. 
 Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I did it! I stuck with my words for 2012 and again find myself very thankful for them and how they have affected my life. Every January for the last several years I've chosen a word to live by for the new year but last year i couldn't pick just one. I had three words that kept popping into my mind and figured it was for a reason.  I didn't fight it, instead i went with all three and am so happy i did.

My words for last year were Challenge, Simply, and Focus...

I challenged myself a lot this last year. I broke my annual post numbers here in this space and i just got back from laying down on a rock 1200 feet up in the air to get a photo just to list a couple.

Staying focused on the small things in my everyday has kept my mind open and my heart full. Staying focused on my goals has helped me not to reach them all but helped me to achieve some of them and get closer to some more.

Simplify, Oh how i love this word... I have now spent a few years clearing clutter in my mind and in my home.  The feeling of freedom and joy this brings is simply amazing.  If you haven't taken this word for a spin please do, you wont regret it.

This year I'm choosing "Fill" for my word...

I want to Fill myself with love. Fill myself with respect. Fill my soul. Fill my weekends with  adventures. Fill our kitchen with good clean nutritious food grown in my garden for my family. Fill our home with love. Fill our home with laughter. Fill up with joy. Fill my environment with peace and calmness.  Fill my days with Faith and so much more.  All good.  All positive and all so exciting.

A new day. A new month. A new year. Here's to new adventures. Hello 2013  I'm looking forward to Filling you up with goodness!

How about you, do you have a word or any resolutions?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Road Trippin Day Seven

I can't believe it, we've been RV'ing for a week now and the beautiful places we've visited.  Incredible! Time is going so fast and today is the last day before we head home and back to reality.  I think the brown dog is ready to be home and I've missed my Chancie a ton.  I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and plan on going over to the barn the second we are back in town to give him some smooches and carrots.

The music man's gig was super fun and we were able to ring in the New Year with some band buddies. I was thankful for this as we are far away from our family and friends.

This morning we left Phoenix and started our way towards home. Since we still had a day left in our vacation we chose to visit an old familiar place and are staying in Blythe. This is where the Colorado river separates Arizona and California. We haven't been in this area for years but an hour or so up the road is where our river house was for many years.
Tonight is also the last night of what's become our evening ritual... Scrabble... and i have to win tonight or i loooooose the tournament.

This road trip has been such a great experience and a wonderful way to close out the year. I am incredibly thankful for this time with my hubby and the places we've visited. Walking around with my camera and checking places of my photo bucket list has been awesome.  I am looking forward to 2013 and pray it will be a happy, healthy and a prosperous year for everyone. Happy New Years to you and your families.


Road Trippin Day Six

Good Morning and happy New Years Eve! We made it to Phoenix in just a few hours and have settled into our campsite with time to relax a bit from the drive before getting back in the truck.

Our last night in Sedona was really neat. We stayed inside and played Scrabble while it snowed outside. We've played a game for the last fews nights and I'm down but not out.  I have to win tonights game or I am though..  It's okay i have some time left and feel a come back heading my way.
By morning the snow on the ground had mostly melted so we didn't have any problem heading out. The snow on the red rocks was such a pretty contrast and made for another awesomely beautiful drive.
 The music mans gig is later tonight and I'm looking forward to spending time with some friends and shakin my booty a bit.  Have a great night and be safe in your travels.