Sunday, January 20, 2013

This weekend...

I helped out at the barn and babysat a dozen horses, fed, cleaned pens and blanketed.  It was a lot of work but I had a lot of help from my Monkey girl, the music man and my buddies who were visiting us this weekend.  
I planted 40 potato's and finished weeding my garden

We received our first egg in two months, WOOT WOOT, so exciting! Lucy girl is laying again and i think both Goldie and Dixie are close to finishing their moult. Poor Betty is still losing her feathers.

My buddies and I went to the music man's gig and had a really fun time. We danced our booties off and enjoyed some wine.

I'm a bit tired this afternoon.  

As we wind things down and get ready for the new week I made a batch of veggie chili and plan on finishing the weekend quietly and snuggling with Jack who is lame today. I'm not sure what happened, might be a shoulder sprain from running in vineyard. We're keeping an eye on him and are hoping that tomorrow he'll feel better. 
 I took this photo yesterday morning of Monkey snuggling with her Honey Bun. 


  1. My goodness, You're planting potatoes? I just need for my garden to dry out enough to do something out there. And hurray for eggs! Chickens look so pathetic when they moult. It's so nice when things get back to normal.

    1. Hi Leigh
      Yes potatoes and Eggs again, I'm super excited! We are very lucky and get to garden all year long. Summer is hot here so all my greens leafy and root veggies do best in late winter and springtime. I hope you'll dry out soon and get to plant some seeds too :)

      Thanks for swinging by,

  2. The last one is such a cute photo! Congrats on getting eggs again. 2 of our hens have started back up as well! We really want to plant potatoes this year (we never have before!).

    1. Hi Tammy
      Thank you, i love that photo too. Today two more of my girls started laying again woohooo! last year was the first year i planted potatoes and maybe it was beginners luck but i had great success so I doubled the amount this year. I have heard mixed reviews with them as they seem to do really well or nothing. I hope you try it out they really are a east crop if they'll grow for you.