Sunday, January 6, 2013

loving lazy afternoons and old photos

We drove up north this morning and had brunch with my family.  Thought of my aunt and looked through old photo albums. I love old photos! I love how some are sweet, some are serious, most take you back instantly to a memory and some are simply hilarious. Fashion... Oh boy... How it changes over time. All I can say is thank goodness for hair product. I wonder if in a couple decades from now we'll look back and laugh at how we look today? Maybe... I know the 80's were silly for us and don't really know what my sister and I were thinking.
A cute one. My sister and I taken in the late 70's

We're back home now and it's rainy and cold. I love lazy afternoon like these. The perfect excuse to do nothing but sit in front of the fire, enjoying the warmth while listening to football in the background and working on my photo's. I hope to pick up an HDR editing program later this week. Are you familiar with this? It's super cool and I have big plans for a couple of the landscape photos from our trip.


  1. Looking at old photos is such great fun. The memories, all the smiling faces, and remembering family at that time. So awesome!

    1. Thanks Kar, it was fun and wowzers were some of the photos so hilarious we laughed until our bellies hurt.