Friday, January 4, 2013


I did it! I stuck with my words for 2012 and again find myself very thankful for them and how they have affected my life. Every January for the last several years I've chosen a word to live by for the new year but last year i couldn't pick just one. I had three words that kept popping into my mind and figured it was for a reason.  I didn't fight it, instead i went with all three and am so happy i did.

My words for last year were Challenge, Simply, and Focus...

I challenged myself a lot this last year. I broke my annual post numbers here in this space and i just got back from laying down on a rock 1200 feet up in the air to get a photo just to list a couple.

Staying focused on the small things in my everyday has kept my mind open and my heart full. Staying focused on my goals has helped me not to reach them all but helped me to achieve some of them and get closer to some more.

Simplify, Oh how i love this word... I have now spent a few years clearing clutter in my mind and in my home.  The feeling of freedom and joy this brings is simply amazing.  If you haven't taken this word for a spin please do, you wont regret it.

This year I'm choosing "Fill" for my word...

I want to Fill myself with love. Fill myself with respect. Fill my soul. Fill my weekends with  adventures. Fill our kitchen with good clean nutritious food grown in my garden for my family. Fill our home with love. Fill our home with laughter. Fill up with joy. Fill my environment with peace and calmness.  Fill my days with Faith and so much more.  All good.  All positive and all so exciting.

A new day. A new month. A new year. Here's to new adventures. Hello 2013  I'm looking forward to Filling you up with goodness!

How about you, do you have a word or any resolutions?


  1. SPACE....that'll be my word for 2013

    space to to to stand back from to see my life with a view that the everyday trials don't really matter in the big picture....

    happy new year buddy....!!!

  2. I love it Kyle, what a great word! i'm happy it spoke to you HNY

  3. Hmm. I like this idea. I've made tons of goals, and a blog I visit regularly came up with a couple of quotes to live by for the year. Seems my words and phrases all come after the fact. "Year of Firsts" and "Year of Ups and Downs."

  4. @Leigh, Oh yeah those are good ones! Sounds like a good reminder and could keep life interesting.