Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A whole lot of Merry

Oh my gosh, where did the days go? I didn't mean to be away from this space for so long, i swear. It seems we soaked in this seasons joy and the days just passed us by. While i wasn't here i was off soaking in a bit of this and that along with enjoying...

~ the clicking sounds of my needles
~ our warm fireplace, thankful for all the wood the music man has been cutting
~ Christmas lights
Love this!

tree lights
~ Christmas parties with friends
~ hot coffee, nothing new but the smell and the warm cup against my hands on these cold mornings have been wonderful.
~ time with family, we had "the bug" visit a few times this month
~ loving when everyone is home at the same time, it really is the best!
~ the quiet at the end of the day.
~ Wearing the heck out of my comfy wool slippers, which everyone else in the house now has a pair to enjoy too.
warm woolies for everyone!
~ food, did i mention that I've baked,
baking day
cooked, ate, ate, ate and then
ate some more? Seriously i cannot believe how much food i have "enjoyed" this month.

The brown dog and i are off on a walk as soon as i hit the publish button but before i go...

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you all a happy and healthy New Year that it is filled with peace, love and lots of fun adventures. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing your amazing creative talents throughout the year.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December, the count down has officially begun...

I can hardly believe you are here! It seemed like yesterday we were just beginning a new year, excited for all the possibilities it brought. Looking back now eleven months later we have had many changes mostly good and many adventures.

I am looking forward to this month of celebrations and am hopeful that my knitting, crafting and baking projects will get done in time. If not that's okay too, i know all will be fine, (yet another lesson learned ha). I've learned to stay no when needed and to keep things simple to ensure happiness and peace during this busy and fun time.

Hello December

How about you, i would love to hear what crafting you are doing these days?