Wednesday, August 31, 2011

summer time and the livings busy...

We have enjoyed beautiful warm but not hot days this season until this last weekend when temps were hovering at 108 degrees. My air conditioner is getting a work out and i am thankful for the cool air it gives us. Of course i am already thinking of Falls cooler days and planting seeds while soaking in the last of this season.

I didn't plan on being away from this space as long as i have and miss catching up with everyone but with the busyness of our life these days i chose to spend my free time working on my summer list and am happily making good progress.
summer read
I read a book and started this one ~ check
Reservations made for camping at the beach ~ check
I have been walking and did make some jam ~ check
Well not to much on the sewing front but i did mange to knit something (ill be back soon to share pics)
Continue to make time every day to give thanks for my many blessing ~ check
These days our meals are enjoyed more outside than in ~ check

Thankfully there's a couple more weeks in the season and i am hoping to check off finishing the quilt top but if not there's always a fall list :).

How is your summer coming along and are you thinking about Fall too?

Friday, August 12, 2011

in the garden

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. ~Attributed to Harry S Truman

I assumed that in wine country the ground was very fertile, silly me. After testing my area i found it was stripped of all nutrients, the soil contained nothing, which could help explain why when we moved and planted my container veggies they freaked out so badly. Empty soil is good i guess in that i have a blank slate to create in. Since we rota tilled and put the fence up a few weeks I've been feeding the soil and transplanted a few late summer plants.
garden bench
my new fancy smancy composter
My mama also got me a composter for my birthday. This baby is great i tell you! You know the kind you spin and don't need a shovel, it so wonderful and promises to have compost in just a few short weeks. It is very nice and i know will get my soil in tip top shape quickly. I am anxious and excited to grow this new space of mine and looking forward to more summer veggies and LOTS of fall ones, yum!
A healthy tomato!
I am now starting to see the fruits of my labor, my first healthy and happy tomato!

Life is SO good!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In my kitchen

White peach jam

We have been enjoying the summer season's fruit and even manage to put some away for later.

Work has been crazy lately but i did manage to bust out a knitting a project, (i know its been way to long) over the last couple weeks and transplant some more veggies in garden. I will be back in this space soon with some more pics to share.

Happy Tuesday!