Friday, August 12, 2011

in the garden

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. ~Attributed to Harry S Truman

I assumed that in wine country the ground was very fertile, silly me. After testing my area i found it was stripped of all nutrients, the soil contained nothing, which could help explain why when we moved and planted my container veggies they freaked out so badly. Empty soil is good i guess in that i have a blank slate to create in. Since we rota tilled and put the fence up a few weeks I've been feeding the soil and transplanted a few late summer plants.
garden bench
my new fancy smancy composter
My mama also got me a composter for my birthday. This baby is great i tell you! You know the kind you spin and don't need a shovel, it so wonderful and promises to have compost in just a few short weeks. It is very nice and i know will get my soil in tip top shape quickly. I am anxious and excited to grow this new space of mine and looking forward to more summer veggies and LOTS of fall ones, yum!
A healthy tomato!
I am now starting to see the fruits of my labor, my first healthy and happy tomato!

Life is SO good!


  1. that quote is so so true! i'm going to write it down on a chalkboard and prop it up on our homeschool bookshelf.

  2. Love the composter....easy peasy.
    What's on the chart for Fall planting???
    I'm looking for ideas so I thought I'd go right to the expert.
    Recipes would be helpful too....we eat just about anything and everything - grown in the ground that is:-)

  3. It's sad to say that I didn't accomplish much as far as a garden is concerned this year. I've already warned everyone that they had better not get in my way next year. :) I'm going to have to get one of those compost bins. Very cool.

  4. My tomatoes are just now starting to ripen. That little one looks great!