Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Weekend in photos

This weekend was jammed packed with new adventures and time with friends. The music man and I kicked it off Friday afternoon as we drove back down to San Diego for my testing appointment. I passed it woohoo and afterwards we drove over to check out Coronado Island. This was a new place for us and was so pretty.
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and had dinner at a local burger place.
After dinner we we went for a walk and back to the waters edge where I shot this before heading home. I love the reflection here on the water in both the day and night.
Saturday morning My buddies and I went to Clinton Anderson's horse clinic.  This man really has a way with horses and makes me think of the horse whisperer. He shared his philosophy and training methods, it was amazing and a fun morning hanging out with the girls.
Cash'd Out Band
Saturday night the music man had a show and I went along to shoot the bands. His band opened up for "Cash'd Out". I was told this band is the only tribute band supported by the Cash family itself and they were incredible. When I closed my eyes it really did sound exactly like the Man In Black.
Sunday I spent the afternoon with Chance before heading over to a super bowl party with friends.  He was such a good guy today and we had a great ride. The music man took this photo of us and I love it. Jack stayed home per doctor orders to rest his shoulder. We need to limit his running around for a couple weeks but expect him to be back at it soon.

How was your weekend, did you watch the game?


  1. I love the day and night shots of the buildings on the water. So neat! Looks like you had a good weekend :) The photo of you and Chance is so cute! I hope Jack heals quickly and gets better soon.

    Our weekend was so nice. We spent a lot of time relaxing, but did get stuff done around the house as well. David watched the game, and I watched off and on up until the halftime show then I called it a night ;)

  2. Thanks Tammy I love my guys. You are so right about the camera thing and that's why I always carry one with me. We watched the game with friends. My team wasn't playing so I watched but mostly visited with friends.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Looks like such a great weekend!

  4. Stunning photos! We actually did watch the game. First time in years. We don't have TV, but my son invited us over. For fun, we watched Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl at halftime. :)

    1. Thanks Leigh, glad you got to watch the game with your son. We went to a party but i really spent my mostly visiting, wish I saw the puppy bowl though. was it cute?

  5. As always, awesome pics!
    It looks like another great weekend for all!

    1. Thanks Hesper it was. Happy to see you friend. Have a great day!