Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Walk, Music And Faith...

The world seems extra rough these days doesn't it and I was feeling a bit weighted this morning as my heart breaks for so many.  With worship music blasting in my ears and my fantastic tennies on my feet I finished my chores and took Ms Punkin Pie for a walk.
By the time we got back I felt so much better. After giving her and Chancie their messages I felt even better, great in fact.  (Luna's next)
Animals are amazing! I know I rescued them BUT always feel that they really save us.
Though life is nuts sometimes that's okay, I don't have to know or understand everything. I already know that I'm part of a much bigger picture. I just need to stay in the light and love of God for He is good.


  1. my animals keep me responsible, grounded and offer love and laughs when i need them most. :)

  2. A wonderfully, thoughtful post.

  3. Wonderful thoughts for a trying day.

  4. God is good! And I firmly believe he allowed the animals I've rescued into my life, not only help them, but to help me grow as well. :)