Thursday, October 20, 2011

a slice of real life

This week was ugly. Work has been overwhelming and stressful, laundry is backed up, bills that need to be paid, and my Jeep is still not running. Ugly.

I was all ready to throw myself a pity party when i remembered to stop, breath and look at my life's blessings instead of problems, like my work. I have a job crazy or not when so many others don't. Backed up laundry and bills to pay means a house full of people i love. I don't know about you but sometimes when life gets a bit crazy i find its easy for negativity to turn little things into mountains. If i just stop and flip the problem into what it really is i feel so much better.

So after my pep talk i moved on with the week by casting on for new scarf, completed more testing for work, spent time catching up with my Bug, playing in the dirt and looking forward to the weekend.

say awwww
Here's Monkey with proof blue raspberry slurpees and being silly are oh SO good!


  1. It is way too easy to get sucked into the pity party thing. I do it also. Why do we let it all cloud our views of what is really important? Blue raspberry slurpees are the absolute best! Chin up girl! :)

  2. I am sorry for the hectic week.
    I admire your attitude though!
    And I glad things are looking up, and I hope you have a super great weekend to make up for the week:)
    Love the fun blue tongue!!!