Monday, February 20, 2012

late nights, not so much

I used to say i was a day person you know, not so much an early riser or stay up late into the night kind of girl, daytime was my time. The time when i was most productive and in my groove.

Over the last few weeks I've learned that I have definitely become a morning person. Sun comes up, hot coffee in my cup and I'm outside busting a move, feeding, cleaning and organizing my day is now all done earlier than when i used to get up.

I've also learned that you can't be both, it's a late night if i can keep my eyes open after 10:00. I'm really enjoying my mornings though, the quiet, waiting for the sun to warm the air and the balloons that fly right over our house just as i finish feeding everyone their breakfast. Oh my gosh, I'm super loving it!

This last weekend was nice and quiet. I spent time in the garden planting potatoes, onions and some more spinach. I found some transplants and am hoping i can get some spinach this time since we have improved our rabbit barrier, went on a nice ride with Chance, watched Forks Over Knives the movie and even knitted a few rounds on my fingerless mittens.


How about you? Are you a morning or night time kind of person?


  1. Since I rarely sleep past 5:00 a.m. and am up n out of bed.... I'm for sure a morn'n gal.

    night time...jammies,,,,that's why we rarely make the "gigs"...

    three weeks,,,daylight savings... oh ya!

    if the sun was up at 4:00...I'd be up too..

  2. It all depends on how early I get up and how late I stay up. I'm a mixed bag on this one.