Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's only Wednesday and this week has been a busy one for Chance. Monday he had his appointment with the vet and I'm happy to report he passed his check up with flying colors. The only sort of surprise we had was how old he actually is. I was told he was around 10 years of age but after examining his teeth he appears to be more like 17. In this case 17 or 10 is all good, for his breed is hardy, he's healthy and on average Mustangs live into their 30's. So he's only middle age, just like me ha!

Tuesday he had his feet done and

say cheese
today he had his teeth done and now has a much happier mouth.

love this nose!
He's become quite the pocket horse too and i love it, look at this sweet nose ~ kiss kiss.

Monkey and her buddy even gave him a new hairdo for a few minutes anyways,

monkey and chance
and after all this Monkey got to ride him for the first time and then

it was my turn. I rode him around in his halter, seriously he is awesome and so fun.

We have horse on the brain around here these days it's true, but I'll be back soon with an update on the girls. They are growing so fast and doing really great too!

Happy Wednesday


  1. Glad to see you're back in the saddle again!!

    So Chance, I know you'll have a great time with him and a very special love to share with "S"...

    Life is good - enjoy every moment!!

  2. Chance is looking happier and more handsome every time you share pictures of him!
    I just had my childhood horse pass away and he was 40, so yes, Chance has many happy years left!

  3. He is so handsome! It is so sweet to see how much you love him already!