Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

The music man had a big show up north Saturday night but monkey and i stayed home in anticipation for our upcoming adventure. After church Sunday we played hookie from the usual hub bub but not before making sure everyone furry and feathered were okay and went with some friends to a winery up in the mountains of San Diego County. The weather was cold and gray

a cold monkey girl

music man

what a view!
but the views were amazing. I could definitely spend a summer afternoon relaxing in one of these chairs, no problem.

snack time
We enjoyed some snacks, my favorite was goat cheese with fig, holy moley was it delicious!

Of course we enjoyed some wine too.

Meet George our friends doggie, isn't he super cute! What a wise puppy he is...

Reminding us that it's good to stop and smell the flowers sometimes.