Sunday, June 30, 2013

This weekend...

was super HOT in our hood with temps over 100 since Thursday! How about your area, are you melting too?

This weekend...
1.  After chores we spent some time floating in pool. 
2.  Enjoyed Pasta Sunday
3.  The Grapes love the heat and the vines are full. 
4.  Looks like it will be a good harvest this year.  We have a couple acres of Red Zinfandel grapes on the property.
5.  My poor girls were melting too. I picked up a kiddie pool and filled it with water. Of course they didn't go in but did like it when I set them in there to wet their feet.  We sprayed down there play area with water and gave them melon to help cool them down. The babies had a hard time too, thankfully we are to 15 degrees cooler by mid week.

This weekend I finally had saved enough pennies to be able to pick up my new camera body, Canon's 7d! I am so excited about this camera and all that it can do. Seriosuly amazing and well worth the wait. All of the photos above were shot with it woohoo! 

Finally, tomorrow is the first day of my new commute and I'm feeling anxious,  praying it goes well...Fingers crossed.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sick of the heat also. Yuck. Glenn has that same camera and absolutely loves it. Here's to a good commute and all goes well. :)

  2. Yes,totally melting. Its supposed to get up to 110 here today:(
    Congrats on the Camera!
    I will be thinking of you and your commute, Best Wishes, Friend!

  3. lots of air conditioning, games, pools, ice cream, movies going on over here....wishing you a great first week!!!

  4. Oh those grapes! We had grapes at our old house and I really miss them. It had been hot here the past couple weeks, but over the weekend we got rain and it cooled way down which was so nice! I do like to hose down the run and make puddles for the chickens to stand in when it gets really hot. Seems like getting their feet wet really cools them off.

    Congrats on the new camera! I sprung for a new lens this weekend and I am in love! It's a 35mm 1.8 lens (I have a cropped sensor camera - Nikon D3100 - so apparently it's the equivalent of a 50mm on a full frame camera). I went crazy with it over the weekend :)

  5. I can almost taste those grapes!

    We had a great weekend if you omit the new goat fiasco. Great weather, family, friends, margaritas, more family, more friends, lots more margaritas!

    Congrats on the new camera - can't wait to see the first pics :-)

  6. What beautiful pictures!

    You have the heat and we are floating away here in the southeast with all the rain!

  7. Beautiful! I can just taste those grapes and the color of the pool shot with the desert mountains - marvelous. And congratulations. You will continue to love the camera. I use a 7d and LOVE.IT. I've had it for several years now.