Monday, July 8, 2013

I've missed you...

Were you wondering where I went? I didn't fall of the face of the earth but I did take a few much needed days to rest and be quiet. The first days of my new commute and time in the office were much more challenging than I thought they would be.

The music man had a couple shows in Julian, a town in the mountains of San Diego over the long holiday weekend. This weekend was booked well in advance and we took our camping trailer. When planning for the weekend I had visions of adventuring their countryside with my hiking tennies and camera in hand
As it turns out I didn't hike or take many photos other than the band shots. There was no Internet.  I unplugged, rested and soaked in nature. On one side of this fence there was a pasture with horses, the other our campsite.  Exactly the kind of medicine I needed. Life is so good!

Since my last post...
The babies who are now teenagers have visited with the big girls in the play yard. It didn't go well so we'll continue to monitor them during play time. I hope they work it out soon, they are getting so big and will need more room.

I received a large print order of my photos, I am thrilled and very proud of how they turned out.  I plan on framing them for a showing later in the year.

My sweet brown dog had a birthday last Friday and is now 12 years old!  We sang to him all day and thought it was a real big deal. He didn't.

I sure love him.

I found some hidden Brussel Sprouts in the garden that the squirrels haven't demolished.   I have a few green beans that survived and the tomato plants are doing well too.  Apparently they don't like them, lucky me. Things are looking up in the garden and I can almost taste some Caprese Salad, yum! My favorite summer food.

How was your weekend? I am looking forward to catching up with you all.

Happy Monday!


  1. You said Caprese Salad.......yum! sounds like you needed to recharge your batteries - glad you got the chance.

    Happy Birthday Young Man! haha! dogs are funny that way - no so self-important, are they?

    Hope you'll share photos of your framed prints...

    1. Hi Sheila,
      I did, one of my favorite foods. So so good! Yep Jack could careless that it was his day, i guess everyday is his day since we spoil him so. I'll definitely share some pics from my order.

      Have a great week!

  2. oh, glad you had a great, unplugged time! looks beautiful. happy birthday to your sweet 12 y.o. pup! i hope he gives you several more years of joy!!!

  3. Ah, sounds like a wonderful weekend! I've got a big contract job coming up - the next month is nothing but work here. Glad my office is in the backyard under the oak tree! Have a beautiful week. Tell Jack that Keela in Colorado says, "Woof happy birthday Woof!"

    1. Hi Joan
      Yes nothing better than being able to work from home. Love that you set up shop outside, yay you! I'll pass on the message to Jack. Oh and I laughed out loud when seeing Keela with her head in the box on FB, hilarious these animals are.

      have a great week!

  4. Sorry your new commute has been challenging, but it sounds like the weekend was just what you needed! I hope the new girls can settle in well with the big girls soon. Sometimes it takes a while for them to reset the pecking order and start to get along. Hens can be real divas :)

    Happy birthday to your sweet brown dog! Glad your print order turned out well and I bet they would look great at a showing :)