Sunday, July 28, 2013

Not one but three...

This weekend I packed my camera bag, shot two shows and a proposed marketing piece for a local winery.  Here's a couple shots form last nights gig with DSB. It was a blast shooting them and I can see exactly why they are the #1 Journey tribute band in America. They rocked a crowd of more than 6,200 and are expecting a larger crowd tonight. If you have a chance to see them as they tour around check them out you won't be disapointed.
If you want to see more photos from last night you can check them out here.

Of course it's not all rock and roll all night and party e v e r y d a y over here. Instead there was daily poop patrols, barn time, garden time and some down time today where we rested and enjoyed some quiet before kicking off another week.  I love my life and the balance between reality and dreaming BIG.

We have family coming to visit in a few days and I'm SO excited, even my Bug is coming next weekend.  I can't hardly wait!

Life is busy but so good these days and I'm feeling incredibly blessed.  I have much more to share with you but can't spill the beans for another week...

How was your weekend?


  1. Love the pics! We went to a concert for the first time in FOREVER this past week and had a blast! My daughter and I went to an animal behavior conference and learned so much. I love listening to people who know about how animals think - so interesting!

    Looking forward to your spilled beans :-) Be happy!

    1. Hi Joan
      Sounds like a great weekend! The conference sounds interesting, I would love to be able to read their minds :). My daughter came with last night. I love hanging out with her for some girl time. Have a great week buddy!

  2. journey was my fave, growing up. i'd have been singing along with these guys. :)

  3. That does sound like you had a great weekend! i have not been to a concert for a very long time.The last was Brian Ferry at the Montreux Jazz Festival / Switzerland 2 years ago!!

  4. Those photos are awesome! You are so great at shots of live music. I adore your line, "I love my life and the balance between reality and dreaming BIG." I feel the same way! Life is good :)

    PS - Can't wait to hear your news. Hope you can spill the beans soon!