Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So far this week...
I turned another year older. It was a great day, breakfast with a friend and dinner with the music man. 

I'm using five vacation days, I'm half way through them and it's SO nice.

I'm busting out moves on the photography front too. Business cards ordered for the 3rd time, fingers crossed it's a charm.

This week I've been thinking. Again. I know.

I've been thinking about how much I've learned in 45 years. About how being present in the small things,  friends,  family and surounded by animals is where my Joy lives. I know that in faith anything and everything is possible.

This week I've also hugged a few chickens, kissed a black horse once or hundred times and snuggled with a brown dog.

Yep, life is so very good.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love, Love, Love! 40 and up is the best! Enjoy the rest of your time.

  2. Happy birthday!!! Birthdays are the best :) Glad you're taking some vacation time off this week. Hope the business cards work out - can't believe you've had to order them three times! What the heck happened?!

    Hugging chickens is one of my favorite things to do as well :)

  3. awww. happy 45th! sounds like you have everything you need. :)

  4. A very Happy Birthday to you Jen! 45 is good. Enjoy your time off doing what you want. :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I totally agree about what we learn with age. I would NEVER want to be 20 again. Every year gets better and better! (If I ignore those little aches and pains and forgetfulness!) Enjoy the rest of your week!