Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh Goldie girl...

After driving up north for a work meeting earlier this week I found out that the building I am to start working in won't be ready now until July 1st. This means I just scored another month at home, a reprieve from the impending commute and I am super happy about that!

The babies are growing so fast but all that chirping from the garage brooder has sent Goldies hormones into a crazy rage. She is super broody and will not leave the nesting box for anything. She barely eats or drinks for almost two weeks now.  Most hens are not very friendly when they are like this but Goldie is such a sweetie pie, she only puffs up and makes soft cooing noises when I take her out of the box, which I do every morning.
Problem is as soon as I leave she goes back into the coop and back in her box. Today though, after breakfast when I removed her I put her into her very own condo. A fenced off area I made in their play yard that has food, water and dirt. No comfy cozy nesting box, Nope. Nada. Zilch.

A couple hours later I went out to check on her and found she had escaped the condo! Where did she go you ask, back to her nesting box....
This is her oh crud you found me face, I think anyways. Sorry Goldie girl but you can't sit in this box forever... It's not good for you.

So I made some adjustments to the condo and am trying again, I sure hope it works this time poor girl. We don't have a rooster or fertilized eggs so there will be no chicks.


  1. Awwww, poor girl! We had to break our girl Buttercup of her broodiness when she was young (Buttercup looked just like your Goldie girl!). The only thing that worked, and I hated doing this, was dunking her bottom in cold water. I've also heard keeping them in a cage raised off the ground for a while will do the trick because it allows air flow underneath them and they get cooler so they know they couldn't hatch out any eggs in that situation and they stop trying. Some girls are more stubborn than others and it sounds like Goldie is one of the more stubborn ones!

  2. poor goldie! bless her!

    and yay for another month!!!

  3. There is something so magically sweet about a broody hen - she is a doll!

    1. Thanks Sheila, she is such a sweet girl, so far so good in the condo. She eating and drinking woohooo

  4. Looks like we're leading parallel lives again! Broody hens are everywhere :-) Be strong!

  5. I know Joan but I can't seem to break her?? She spent 2 days in the condo and has had 3 cold water baths..... still runs straight back to the box... sigh