Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Duke. Aka Pookie Pie...Perfect

 A little over a year ago we brought this sweet guy home and he was instantly a perfect fit.  Initially he was a little hesitant but quickly became trustful of us and relaxed. I think animals know when they are in a good and safe place, especially those who have had a rough start to life. 
 He watches over me while I do my chores, chases Coyotes off the property daily and always crosses his legs when laying down... So cute.
 He's a professional snuggle bug who loves attention, ask anyone here and they'll tell you that he spoons perfectly... He's our welcome committee and such a happy and playful guy.
 He's my helper, my buddy and loves to go on trail. He chases rabbits and loves to dig holes chasing gophers.  He has a love hate relationship with a couple huge crows that live in one of the oaks. He has so much energy, the ranch life is perfect for him. By the day's end he's pooped.
What a big part of our family he has become and I am so grateful. Grateful everyday for this sweet boy.

You can read about his rescue here

Happy Hump Day Peeps from our hood to yours


  1. he is a PERFECT ranch or farm dog! perfect life! perfect boy! :)

  2. Duke is such a cute pup! And crossing the legs kills me. : )

  3. Aww so darn great !
    Our Jayda was a rescue too we got her at about 8 months old she had major anxiety issues and was in a kill shelter on her last days I took her to foster and she became a firm part of our family ...we too are grateful she came into our lives. She is going on 12 now and we love her to pieces. So rewarding to rescue, our two mini horses are rescues too.

  4. Duke is a beautiful dog indeed!! He's lucky to have you and you're lucky to have him :)

  5. The universe helps us find the ones we need...and need us. Looks like you got a perfect fit :-) Duke, you keep chasing those rabbits!

  6. Love to know your good friend Duke! He is really a beautiful dog!!
    So cute when he crosses his legs!
    He's lucky to have your love and you're lucky to have his love too!
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend.