Friday, August 8, 2014

This Week Around The Ranch...

View from the lot

We're doing it! Our offer was accepted a couple weeks ago on the 9 acre parcel just down the road I recently told you guys about. Like the house we're currently in,  I also found this lot while out riding. In fact, it's only a mile away. You know I love my hood. The terrain and views are incredible and we are excited to get moving on building our dreams into reality. 

Mum was the word as were waiting on clarification as to where we could pull power from.  Since we are in a rural area, cost was a huge factor as to whether we could stay within our budget. We found out earlier this week that the power source is in fact what we hoped for as a best case scenario. So with that info we decided to complete the purchase and will be closing in the next week or so. I have been meeting with grader peeps, well peeps, civil engineer peeps and house peeps... Phew it's a lot and an adventure it promises to be!

In addition to the lot things have been very busy around the ranch as well. 
We have babies! 2 Australorpes who I put under Goldie a week ago and
tonight, 3 Americaunas that are going under Minnie Pearl. 
We had a wasp nest in our water heater closet that swarmed and stung the crap out of me last week and I still have welts...  I didn't want to spend money on having someone come out but these things were super aggressive. If you got within 10 feet or so they would swarm to protect their nest so I caved and hired a wasp guy who came out today. Thankfully, they are now gone.

I'm missing my brown dog terribly but am thankful for all the business and daily love I receive from all the family members, two and four legged here at the ranch.

Happy Weekending,


  1. and you've got plenty ahead to keep you busy! good luck!

  2. Congrats on that wonderful purchase! How exciting! Wasp and hornets are the worst. I try and get rid of them asap around here.

  3. A new adventure! Congratulations - sounds like it's going to be fun :-)