Monday, August 4, 2014

A Summer Storm...

This weekend the monsoonal moisture that has been missing us finally came over the ranch and boy did it unload some water.  Saturday was a steady rain, not to heavy but not that light either. Perfect for gently soaking into the scorched earth.  Sunday the storm was amazing and extremely powerful bringing with it flash floods to the area. The house almost got hit directly with lightening but instead hit the earth just outside our front door, wow!
We lost an Oak in Chancie and Punkins turn out.  They thought it was super fun and played under and in it like a proud child who just made a homemade fort under the kitchen table would.
Ms Punkin was so pleased with the mess and was ready to help the music man by eating her way through the leaves.
Of course this all happened just prior to our Realtor coming by...
He lives nearby so after seeing the mess, ran home to grab his big ol' chainsaw and helped us clear out the tree.  What a guy huh, Realtor extraordinaire is what I call him now.

The storm is clearing out this morning but the heat and humidity remains...


  1. sorry for the tree damage, but what a nice guy to help!

  2. Hopefully you won't get anymore damage but a little bit more rain would be great. Be safe out there! :)

  3. So sorry about the damage to the tree! Thankfully no one was hurt :)