Friday, August 22, 2014

In One Day This Happened...

Yesterday morning I enjoyed another beautiful sunrise while out feeding everyone. The day before we had a big storm but as you can see the clouds have moved on and the sun was shining.
By late morning the clouds started to return and by noon the thunder rolled. As the clouds blew over the ranch it made for an insane and gorgeous sunset. It looks to me like a lava flow among the monsoonal flow.

I know this image doesn't look real but it is! For those of you wondering how I edited this one I simply lightened the foreground, straightened the horizon and slightly bumped the pink on the one cloud in the middle that looks like it's rolling. All color and textures are how it looked and was shot.
This is another view of last nights sunset but from behind the house where the horses turnouts are. The colors you see here are NOT the sunset but instead the reflection off the clouds from the south east.  Incredible right!

All in one day I got to soak in these colorful and amazing views while out doing chores and hanging with the animals, I sure love my hood!

God is an amazing painter of the skies huh...

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Happy Weekending Peeps!


  1. One of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen...

  2. Gorgeous! Sounds like a perfect day to me Jen. Have a wonderful weekend! : )

  3. Wow!!! So hard to pick a favourite, although I do like the road in the last shot...

  4. I've always looked at sunrises and sunsets (mostly sunsets) as God's artistry. The master painter! These are so beautiful!!

  5. Absolutely amazing photos! Such beautiful skies!

  6. Lovely shots of the changes in the sky.

  7. How gorgeous ~ what views you have !
    I also need to add YOU ARE and amazing photographer too !!

  8. Wow! You live in a gorgeous place! Great pictures!