Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thus Far...

Thus far it's been a productive week. Thankfully I've worked some and played some. The days are moving by quickly and these sweet babies are growing so fast! At two weeks old they've more than doubled in size and Goldie Girl is so attentive to them.
Ms Minnie Pearl is doing a wonderful job as well. Her three little ones are beyond adorable! She has two under her and as you can see one on her back as she was putting them to bed last night. She is my sweetest and gentlest chicken, dog really... yes she is more like a dog. All my girls follow me around but Ms Minnie always tries to get in the house and stays at my side while I'm out working. I'm so happy she has a little family to tend to for a few weeks.
Talking about sweet and adorable... Check out Chancie and his kind eyes, gosh I love this horse!
Ms Punkin decided to wear her dinner last night, she's such a character. One day I'll get it on video, she sticks her head under her hay and then flips some of it out of her feeder.

I'm going to meet another donkey later this week. I've been told he is a super sweet boy and has found himself in desperate need of a new home...

Happy Hump Day Peeps!


  1. oh, good luck with new donkey pal! love the little chicks, too.

  2. I like how you enjoy the everyday things on your ranch! Thanks for sharing what you love with us!

  3. Life is incredible. Those sweet beings bring the best of life to you!

  4. Oh I think this new donkey will be getting that home:) HUG B

  5. Aw, I always love cute chick pics. Have to agree about Chancie's eyes, so sweet. I hope Ms Punkin appreciates a new bud!