Wednesday, September 3, 2014

They Call It "The Wedge"...

It's famous. It's where the jetty meets the sea in Newport Beach, CA. and faces southwest. When big swells come in, it's also where people merge to watch professionals try and ride the monster waves it creates.
 The 25 foot waves were brought by a passing hurricane way out to sea.  I with a couple thousand  others, watched as some of these surfers/boogie boards were able to conquer the waves. It  was pretty incredible to see! Of course, in these conditions the lifeguards were on high alert and working incredibly hard. I saw several people who were way over their heads get rescued as well.
About an hour after sunset and on my home I stopped by their pier, my goodness what a perfect way to end my time there.


  1. Here you are ~ and WOW.
    That is exhilarating, those waves !
    The pier shot ,stunning and absolutely gorgeous .

  2. WOW I want to be in that last picture! Simply amazing...

  3. These are amazing photos of amazing professionals daring those huge waves.

  4. Wow - what stunning photos of the waves!