Friday, September 26, 2014

Life Happens...

Hey is this thing on?

Hi guys, sorry I've been away. Truth is since Jackson passed I've not been motivated to sit here and talk about my days. My life is good, I'm good it's just that this blog was named after him as everything I posted was seen through his eyes... And it feels different now.

Life goes on and living on a ranch with others who need my time, offer kisses, hugs and laughter is the best kind of medicine. The last couple weeks have been hectic here too. We've decided that our move date over to the lot will be the end of next month. Yep, we'll be glamping in our RV for a few months as we develop the land. We are finalizing our house plans and I love it. It's going to be perfect!
There is so much work to be done, instead of totally freaking out I'm working hard at taking things a day at a time. Feeling thankful for God's grace, it gets me through each and every day.  The music man is in transition too, if all this house stuff wasn't enough he's going to be working his butt off. Not like that's a new thing,  just looks like our work will be nonstop for the foreseeable future. So we bought Fergie the tractor.   Our "new to us" magical machine that will make some of the work easier.
Ms. Daisy Mayhem is loving her new life and we continue to make progress on her training.  She is such a sweet girl who loves snuggles and my gosh does she love Duke. They have a blast playing and running around like maniacs.
The chicks are now teenagers and I expect Goldie girl to stop being a mama to her two any day now.  She watches from a far and they are getting so independent.
As far as Minnie's three they are growing quickly as well full of feathers and tripled in size, teenagers now for sure but still definitely need their mama.
We made it through an incredible heat wave last week and I'm not the only one happy it's over. Chancie,  Luna Tuna,  Punkin and Sam are too.  Our evenings our starting to cool down nicely and even though we are officially in fall our weather will stay warm for another month or so with a lingering monsoon or two.  Here is Daisy Mae listening to the afternoon thunder roll across the ranch.

I can't hardly wait to get back to fresh breads and soups as our main staple. Not to mention that quiet at the end of the day where my knitting needles sit so perfectly in my hands.  Ohhhh yes fall is my favorite season and I hope Mother Nature will bring it to our hood soon.

Okay I think you're up to date with the shenanigans over here, how are you? I'm looking forward to bouncing around a bit and seeing everyone.

Happy Weekending


  1. glad you're making forward progress - and getting cooler weather, too! good luck with the manic pace you're getting into!

  2. I know you are glad to be making progress toward your new home. Nothing like a, "like new", tractor to help with things. "Like new", is our favorite kind of farm machinery :)

  3. Welcome back, friend! It was good to get caught up on your adventures! I'm listening to my teenage rooster work on his crow right now - it's hilarious! Looks like I got two, maybe three boys out of the nine chicks this year. The biggest, Napoleon, is going to be gorgeous!

    I know you miss Brown Dog. I miss little goat man Pumpkin like crazy, even though he was only here for a short while.

    Enjoy the busy-ness and work. Making something that's your own - it's the best, isn't it?

  4. Amen. Gods grace is sufficient. Glad you are doing better and have such exciting plans. I love to see photos of your cute critters.

  5. I enjoyed somewhat catching up - after taking a very long hiatus myself! So sorry about your precious Brown Dog, Jackson.. hugs to you! Your photos are awesome, as always.. and I look forward to watching your plans progress! -Tammy

  6. So sorry to hear about Jackson. My golden, Oscar, passed away this Friday and it really is so difficult to keep motivated. Lovely shots.

  7. Hello friend. I first want to begin by telling you thank you for all your love and support. I still can't figure out how to follow you and get an email that will tell me each time you post. I want to visit you more often. Your posts and pictures inspire me. Since we met years ago in Fullerton over your yummy cupcakes I have seen you have visions that come true. You trust, you believe and it becomes. I'm sorry about Jackson very much. I have no words really. I associate this blog and you with the brown dog too. I'm sending you love and healing, it's rough. I dread the day.

    Love your friend Tracie