Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello from the new hood....

Phew, we are beat! Moving is not fun at all. SO much work but we love the new place and are looking forward to unpacking and getting settled in. I am super excited to bring Chancie home. I'm hoping I can find some used corral panels soon.
 The sunsets here are breathtaking. Check out these clouds, aren't they amazing? !!

We've met a couple of our neighbors and they are wonderful too.
Meet Mark, one of my new neighbors. He said he has a desk job and loves to drive his beautiful lil red tractor around. It relaxes him being active outdoors.  I know we can all relate to that. Anyways he came over the other day and mowed down the area where the horses will be. How's that for a welcome to the new hood? Awesome I think!

This pasture and huge oak's are the view out my kitchen window. I like being able to see the animals from the house and having just a short walk down to them. I think they'll love the shade the trees will give them as well.

Today we have to add on to the coop as all eight girls are now together. It's going well but they need more room and free ranging all day here is not an option.  Okay I better get going lots of unpacking and building to do today.

Hoping your having a great long weekend to.
Happy Labor day,


  1. So glad to hear that you got the house moved. Great days are ahead!

  2. congrats on getting moved! i know once your animals are there and settled, you'll feel at home!

  3. Beautiful - seeing that southern California landscape brings back many good horseback memories. I do so hope you are enjoying your new place, even through all the unpacking and tiny little tasks it takes to putting a home together. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful place, and sounds like you have a great neighbor!! Sending lots of positive vibes for you and your critters -- unpacking, settling in, all of it. So exhausting, but so wonderful, all in one!! -Tammy

  5. Beautiful sky! Congratulations on the new place!

  6. That is one gorgeous sunset! I'm so happy that you are getting settled into your new place. Best of luck with getting everything unpacked!