Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Update Post

Thanks everyone for your kinds words. Chancie was much calmer yesterday morning when I went to see him. It's not uncommon for horses to fret when they are moved and I guess it really wasn't that long ago that my poor guy lived in isolation.  Since being with me he has lived in turn outs with horse buddies all around him and he's now a social butterfly. Though there are gelding close by that are friendly he wants those ladies in the lower pasture.  Of course the ladies don't seem to care much for him.

He is so funny and I am thankful he's settled down. I rode him down to the house yesterday and around his turn out,  loved it. We both did.  Today we went on our first trail ride in the new hood. Check out the views and the old oaks... Amazing!
Imagine in the spring when everything is green, sign. It is gorgeous here! Photos were taken by my buddy to document our first ride. And what a fantastic one it was! Thank you God for all these blessings, my heart is full and I am incredibly grateful...


  1. So exciting! Looks like a beautiful first trail ride together with hopefully many more to come!

  2. Awesome! You both look pretty happy there out on that ride. :)