Thursday, September 5, 2013

Catching up

Slowly but surely we are making process. Unpacking and starting to settle in. I think we moved during the hottest days we've had all summer and with monsoonal storms in the afternoons to boot.  I said a couple weeks ago it felt like Fall was in the air... I lied, it's still no doubt summer!

Phone and Internet are not the best in the new hood, apparently we are in a black out area. It's okay though, we're working on getting a signal booster and the atmosphere out here is totally worth it. I am really liking being further from town and all the possibilities this place brings.
My girls are not very happy. I put them all together and that is going okay but they cannot free range here all day like they could on the vineyard. I think the ratio between wild life and humans is about the same out here so they have to stay in the coop while the music man finishes building them a fully enclosed play yard and run. They are enjoying the fan I put in coop though and ice cold melon for an afternoon snack as well ice cubes in their water. I'm trying to keep them hydrated and cool. It's hot. 105 degrees hot and the temps are not supposed to get under 100 for a few more days.  I've also started to let them out for some supervised free range time in the late afternoon. I'm hopeful we'll get it all worked out and they will be happy in no time.
The dogs are super happy and seem to have immediately settled in. Duke loves watching over the property and following me around. The heeler in him is such a perfect match for the ranch and Jackson is enjoying the house and air conditioning. Smart dog he is... Both of them had a check up yesterday and all is well. Jack got a manicure and Duke some medicine for his allergy eyes.
I'm shopping for used corral panels and will be moving Chance to a neighbors until I can get my turnout done. I hope to be able to have him here in the next month or so.  I cannot wait to ride the trails here. It's gorgeous and since we are in an equestrian HOA all the trails are beautifully groomed.
On the photography front I've had a couple really cool shoots over the last couple weeks as well. This weekend, Macy Gray. I'm looking forward to finishing the unpacking, working on photo edits and throwing my feet up with a glass of wine and catching up with you.
Are these not the coolest spur straps? I love them and may need to pick me up a pair.
And finally one more sky shot. I know my last few post have featured the sky here but I continue to be blown away every evening and can't think of a better way to end the work day then with this amazing view.  Sorry for the long post this week but I had so much to share and the last couple weeks have been so rushed.

Hope all is well in your hood,


  1. sounds like you're making headway - even with the oppressive heat!

  2. You're shooting Macy Gray this weekend?! How awesome! I was obsessed with her music in my teenage years :) I hope the heat lets up soon so you all can get a breather. I'm sure the chickens appreciate the fan and the cold treats!

  3. Hey Jen! I have no doubt you will be up and running in no time :)

  4. Even with all the work, you sound happy. That is awesome! Keep plugging along and all will be together soon. :)

  5. I love that shot of the cowboy boot! Awesome!

  6. You sound very busy but very happy .Good luck with all your work and the sky shot is wonderful!

  7. Love Macy Gray, love the sky, love the spur straps! Stay cool, stay happy!

  8. looks like it's all settling in....

    remember when you were a bit worried about losing the job and what would come next...

    it's been a nice ride along with you to see what He would bring...

    enjoy - I know you're worlds away from a few years back.....miss you friend..more than you know...:-(