Monday, September 30, 2013

Holy Cow We're Horse-N-Around Now...

Friday morning I saw an ad in Craigslist of a horse in urgent need of a home so after the music man got home from work we jumped in the truck and drove out to see her. I've been on the look out for another horse for a while now but have some specific parameters in mind. Our next horse would be in need of a safe and loving home as well as make for a nice trail horse for monkey and the music man.

Upon arriving we saw that the horse was an underweight Quarter Sorrel mare approximately 10 to 12 years old who was in need of some groceries and yep a good home. She has good feet, sweetness in her eye but hasn't had any formal training... Since we needed to make a decision immediately on an unknown situation, sort of like a crap shoot with a heart beat and knowing she needed work and that though we wish we could help many we could only save one right now. We decided to keep her in our hearts and prayers and hope for the best.
Saturday the music man and I couldn't get her off our minds and were talking about it while sipping coffee and watching the chickens we felt she deserved a chance, an opportunity.  I called my trainer who is amazing and she agreed to go back out with me and give her opinion. I'm happy to report that she felt and saw the same things I did although with a little more caution. After working with monkey and this mare for a little bit we loaded her in the trailer and headed out.
She will be spending the next 30 days with our trainer. She's already making friends as shes the only mare in the mare motel and the boys of course love her, she IS a cutie. She's enjoying the attention from everyone and filling her belly. She needs to gain 100 to 150 pounds and will also be in training several days a week. In addition she'll undergo a safety evaluation before bringing her home.

I sure feel this little girl, she is such a sweetie pie and eager to please. I know she is open to learn and I know she's gonna do great! Monkey, the music man and everyone who meets her is smitten.

Saturday we visited Toby's Legacy, a local horse rescue facility where the owner Lisa is doing amazing things for the neglected. Giving a voice to those who need it so desperately. We took snacks and gave lots of hugs and smooches.
                                                          our buddy aka muscles :)
Giving some smooches 
and more smooches from our visit

It amazes me to see how much we have accomplished in such a short amount of time. If you've been reading along here for the last few weeks you know we have been working non stop around our new place. Well this weekend was no different and we were able to cross a few more things off the "to do" list.

One huge check mark is done next to Chances turn out. The Music man finished it and it's perfect. Seriously perfect! I love it and am so thankful for his hard work and dedication in helping bring him home. I swear we have been busting out all these moves in the hottest days of the entire year.
Yesterday he came home. He is pacing and nervous about the change just like a couple weeks ago when he went to my neighbors but I have no doubt he'll be happy again in no time and is already starting to settle in.  Since this IS the final destination he wont have to go through another move and I know he likes that!

Change is often scary and we've had so much of it over the last few months but these days are incredible. We all feel such a peace even though the work is hard, a confirmation that we're on the right path indeed.


  1. Chance is home. He is where he wants to be. Your open arms into the world have found a new family member. You and yours are exhausted, but in a good way. Even though you are correct by saying change is hard, it sounds like all is right with your world :-) Peace and love to you, my friend.

    1. Thank you buddy! I know you get it and appreciate your kinds words so much. Life has been on fire lately but so very good :). Chance is calm this morning and we'll be heading shortly for a little ride.

  2. oh, glad you got chance home. and so sweet of you to rescue that mare! i know chance will love having her there, too, eventually. i hope the trainer has great luck with her.

    1. Thanks Teresa, I am SO excited to have him and feel really good about the mare to. I know Chance prefers being with others but can also do solo. Fingers crossed she be here in a month and they'll be best buddies :)

  3. Lots of change, accomplishment and love! You're living your dream :) These ARE the good old days. Enjoy!

  4. I am so excited and happy for you! Lots going on and it all sounds so great. It is beyond awesome that you are able to rescue that mare. I know she will do well and I can't wait to hear more about her. What a pretty girl :)

    PS - Thank you for the sweet comment on my soup post about my photos. Coming from you, it's such an amazing compliment!