Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Hood...

We got it! We got the house! The one I spoke about a couple weeks ago.  It's about 10 minutes from where we live now and a bit more remote. The property is 23 acres large and we are so excited! The home is in a private equestrian area where the landscape is sprinkled with huge oak trees, large estates, horses, vineyards and it's absolutely gorgeous.
We're moving here to rent the property while hoping to purchase 10 acres that the current owner is parceling off.  This means we are one big step closer to our dream... A small ranch and vineyard of our very own.  This move enables me to bring Chancie home and once set up,  rescue another horse.

I can't hardly wait to be able to share piecing of our new homestead with you. This week is going to be bananas as we are moving so I'll be away from this space for a few days. Before I go,  I wanted to leave you with a beautiful sunset from my new porch and thank you all for your sweet words for my Lucy girl.



  1. EEEEK! How exciting!! Here's to a cold beer after a hot day and cool mornings while you're moving.

    Enjoy the process :)

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! I know how bad you wanted this to happen. How awesome that you will have your Chancie home with you! Seems like things are really beginning to fall into place for you :) Best of luck with the move!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and good luck w/ the move!

  4. happy moving!!!! looking forward to hearing and seeing more in the coming days!!!

  5. Jen...I am so very happy for you and Dave!!!! Your new place sounds "PERFECT" for you!!!! How exciting and fun watching your dreams coming true!!!! Looking forward to seeing many new pictures as you make your new place your "Home"!!!!

    Best wishes and Congratulations!!!!
    Cindy oxox <3 :D

  6. Sounds like you're at the beginning of a wonderful adventure! Congratulations, good luck, stay hydrated (moving is SO exhausting) and I can't wait to hear more about it!

  7. How absolutely exciting Jen! So very happy for you. :)

  8. Congrats.. so excited for you!! It sounds absolutely perfect for everyone. Can't wait to hear/see more of it! That sunset is gorgeous. And I am SO sorry about your beautiful Lucy ;( I truly understand how attached one can get to a chicken (or many!). Hugs -Tammy

  9. Hi Y'all!

    Oh what a beautiful place! I love sunsets like that!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog