Monday, August 12, 2013

Rock Shots and a Country LIfe

Not having to commute like an Ice Road trucker anymore has left me with some much needed time to invest in myself, family and our home. My days are filled picking up manure, working the garden and hanging out with the animals. This, our new norm for the last few years but now my evenings are full shooting shows. So amazing, such totally different life styles, "unreal" in a way and I absolutely love it!

I'm enjoying this new balance between dreaming BIG and real life, it's so much more than I dream't it would be... I've learned so much and am excited, really excited and incredibly thankful for the opportunities and the time to improve my skills.

On the home front, we are actively looking for more land. 10 to 20 acres, room for vines of course but much more room for the animals here now and one's we hope to get as we continue to move towards our goal of a self sustaining lifestyle.

It's been a couple weeks since the teens checked in and barred rocks are much bigger and are now doing well with the big girls. Well, good with them when out free ranging. I think we're close and the Music Man will need to expand the roost area in the coop soon. I'm very relieved that everyone is playing nicely now, phew.

The squirrels have all but destroyed my root veggies and I haven't planted anymore greens. The Garlic and onion harvest was a good one and we are covered there for a while. The tomatoes are booming and I finally have a... just one but it's a start I hope... watermelon growing.  The cabbage and brussel sprouts while being nibbled on are thus far surviving as well.

For my birthday a few weeks ago my parents bought me a green house. I know it is SO cool!  It's large and I am waiting to put it up but am hoping we can soon. I think it may help with the squirrels too?

I mention in my last post that we are ready to rescue another dog, we haven't yet but I have put out some feelers. I'm looking for a dog that can go on trail with me, great with people and of course not go after the chickens.  I'm thinking a heeler but not sure? What breed would you recommend for a small ranch/farm?

I hope your weekend was great, here are some pics from ours.
The music man was off this weekend so we went north. Wow... Three stages on three different decks on the Queen Mary featuring the best of the best tribute bands in the US. What a huge ship, so much history. We had a blast and what a treat for me to have my husband next to me, not playing. The above shots are a dear friend of ours who's band Wanted performed on the main stage. What a show, so so good! If you like Bonjovi check them out when they come to your town if you can. I know you'll love their high energy show.

Happy Monday!


  1. you really sound like you have a lot coming together for you now. really very cool!

  2. Cool photos from the show! I'm so glad you are enjoying this new stage of your life. It seems to suit you very well! :)

  3. Jen, I'm so glad that all the pieces are coming together for you and Dave. I CAN feel and see your happiness in your words and pictures!!!! It is AMAZING when your dreams DO COME TRUE!!!! I pray that you keep experiencing your continued blessings and you will achieve ALL your goals and dreams. Sending much love and prayers your way!!!! oxox ((Hugs)) Cindy

  4. That all sounds very positive...well done! And a green house will be does help with the squirrels as well, a neighbor had the same problem. my all time favorite dog was a Rhodesian Ridgeback , very gentle and protective.Loves the heat!!!!And easy to train. Now I have a Norwich Terrier....small ,intelligent and fun!
    Enjoy the week!

  5. Sounds like so many good things are going on. I love reading about it!

    I'd like some recommendations on dog breeds too, with the emphasis on not going after chickens! (and goats).