Friday, August 2, 2013

A new Direction...

If you've been reading my blog for the last few months you probably know that the company I've worked for, for many years was sold a couple months ago. In the merger my position was eliminated. In the restructure I was offered an option to commute to a new branch office.

Since learning about the changes coming my way back in May I began the process of rolling out my photography business. In like all new business it takes time to develop, expertise and funds to market. While working all of these things out I bought a new car and opted to try the commute to keep myself employed.  

The commute on average takes an hour and a half each way rendering a daily commute that is on average three hours, unless of course there's heavy traffic.  All the time on the road and in the office has been tough on me, both physically and mentally. I have wished several times over that nothing had changed. I wished I still worked from home and that everyday was still... just everyday, cookie cutter style.

I find comfort in the status quot but also in knowing that everything in life happens for a reason. That there is a much bigger picture and I'm in good hands. Challenges and unexpected shake ups to our daily life serve a purpose and hopefully make us better. So with that heart and mind I am am thankful for the changes coming our way.  Thankful for my faith and thankful that I can now fully go after a dream.
Such a great message from Marla Rae and shared by Hope Farms. 

After much prayer and conversations with the music man I am super excited and super nervous to share with you that as of today I no longer will be making the drive or have an office to go into.   While I don't know what tomorrow will bring us,  I do know that today is good, life is good and I am extremely blessed.
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I have this Dr. Seuss quote on my kitchen board right now, always has been one of my favorites.

"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You're on your own. 
And you know what you know.
Oh the places you'll go!"

Happy Weekending, 


  1. Jen, I am so happy that you no longer have to be driving all those hours daily for work and then sitting all day in an office environment. I KNOW how painful it was for you, even before you got to work from the drive there. You are indeed an "energizer bunny"....Trying to keep going and going, even in pain. I pray that you and Dave have HIS continued blessings in your lives and as a team everything will work out. I hope your photography business grows fast and you CAN live your dream. You have such a positive attitude, drive, and God given talent,I KNOW you will be a success!!!! I can't wait to read more about the new adventures coming your way!!!! Wishing you, my sweet niece much love, peace of mind and "Happy Trails"!!! Cindy oxoxox <3

  2. oh, congratulations for taking the leap. i hope it will be a wonderful move for you!

  3. You are such an inspiration Jen! I know things will work out for you, how could they not?? XOXO

  4. I'm so excited for you! In the back of my mind I feel like I knew this is the path you would eventually choose :) I adore your photography and pray you have blessings there is not room enough to receive! :)

  5. Sending my very best wishes your way for a successful new adventure!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry I couldn't comment sooner - just getting back in the world after long, long days at the county fair. Nonetheless, this virtual friend has got your back. Go out there and seize the day!